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How Toners Condition Skin

How Toners Condition Skin

At Nakin we find that one face product which causes confusion as to what it does is face toners. We think that it has come about from them going out of fashion in the last decade, and also from the massive amount of liquid cleansers that are now available. This especially includes micellar waters and liquid exfoliators, which have exploded on the market recently. Toners are a different category completely and can be really enhancing and nourishing to skin.

Good face toners like our Nakin Purifying Face Toner are so gentle that they can be used twice every day. They should not be confused with some of the harsher cleansing tonics like micellar waters and AHA plus BHA exfoliators. The later are quite strong on skin and heavily concerned with intensely cleansing the face and neck. Toners do have some cleansing ability but as well as this their main task is to tone, hydrate and condition the face.

A toner is like a special water that is filled with skin enhancing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and witch hazel. The nutritious water sweeps away any last traces of cleanser, detoxes, hydrates, conditions and allows skin to better benefit from the products applied afterwards such as serum, oil and face moisturisers. This comes from the watery consistency having such small molecule sizes. Toners are filled with antioxidants and so are very protecting to skin against free radical damage; however, one thing that are not able to do is protect the face and neck in the same way that a moisturiser can, and this is because moisturisers are a cocooning enveloping cream.

Natural face toners with nourishing plant ingredients can also be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, offering an extra special step in the skincare routine, without being harsh to skin. One of the lovely things about a natural face toner is that it can be kind to skin as it conditions the face without the need for strong ingredients.

Toners work for all skin types from oily, combination and dry, plus normal to sensitive complexions. Some companies recommend applying a toner straight to the face without wiping it away afterwards. However, at Nakin our face toner is designed to be wiped on and away with a cotton pad. This is because the wiping action helps to clear skin and pores deeper down.

We hope that you found our feature helpful explaining how face toners condition skin. We always recommend using a face toner as an important part of looking after the face and neck. At Nakin we have a full selection of face products as part of our anti-ageing skincare range. This includes cleansers, face treatments and creams made from high performing plant ingredients. To find out more about our products and range take a look at the links below.

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