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How to Use Skincare for Sensitive Skin

How to Use Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Most of us with sensitive skin will have had issues with skincare products at some point, and it usually takes years to work out how to best use skincare for sensitive skin. It is all about using the right products and in a way that is kind and respectful to your skin. Nakin is a company created entirely to help all skin types flourish and thrive naturally. The great thing about our natural skincare is that it is caring to skin and formulated with boosting plant extracts that even sensitive skin will love. Read on to find out how to use skincare for sensitive skin.

The first step in every skin regime is cleansing, and this is something that can be tough for people with sensitive skin. Many cleansers contain harsh detergents and resurfacing agents that can cause irritation, redness and reactions. So, using our Cleansing Milk for Sensitive Skin is a great way to clean skin thoroughly, including make-up, but without drying your skin or throwing it off balance. Our cleansing milk can be removed with cotton wool, in the shower, or with a damp wash cloth. The trick is to not use too hot or cold water, which can shock the skin and cause discomfort plus redness. Instead, always use lukewarm water. After cleansing use our super kind Face Toner for Sensitive Skin which finishes off the cleansing process, but without the use of harsh cleansers. Instead like all of our products it has a combination of lovely plant boosting ingredients.

One of the reasons that sensitivity occurs is because our skin barrier is weak, which allows elements to affect our skin more than they should. This is why harsh cosmetic ingredients can cause so many problems. Nakin avoid these types of ingredients and instead use calming and boosting natural ingredients like marine extracts, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, oils and butters. These help to improve and maintain our skin barrier and moisture levels. All of our range offers anti-ageing skincare for sensitive skin with light formulas that are rich in nutrition and love. Use our Face Serum For Sensitive Skin followed by our Revitalising Face Oil for a treatment duo that hydrates, smoothes lines, calms and energises skin. Then for eyes our Eye Cream is one of the best available for sensitive skin with its fragrance-free hydrating springy formula and intense active blend. Follow with either the  Matt Cream For Sensitive Skin or Dew Cream For Sensitive Skin that are like a cocooning protecting second skin. Lastly apply our Lip Treatment Balm for superb skin plus lip hydration and nourishment.

Using Nakin’s products is a great way to calm sensitive skin, while also giving skin everything it needs in terms of cleansing, hydration, nourishment and protection. Our products work with the skin barrier, not against it like some cosmetic products do. Nakin’s products are also incredibly anti-ageing for skin, but without the risk of sensitivity and irritation. Use them morning and night as part of your daily skincare routine. The products are exactly what sensitive skin needs as they are light and caring, rich and long lasting, but without being greasy or complicated. The perfect balance of purity and effectiveness. We should say that as with all products it is always recommended to carry out a patch test before full use, to ensure your sensitive skin does not react to the products. This is very unlikely but sometimes people are allergic to even the most natural of ingredients. Take a look at our website on sensitive skincare for more information, tips and advice.

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