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How To Use a Moisturiser & Serum Together

How To Use a Moisturiser & Serum Together

We are often asked how to use a serum and a face cream moisturiser together, as lots of us are unsure about if both are needed in our facial routine, and which way round to use them. So, we thought that we would write a feature about this. Serums and face creams have different properties and benefits for skin. There is some overlap in that they are both nourishing and conditioning to the face and neck, but they offer skin unique advantages. We look at this and how best to use them together below.

How A Serum and Face Moisturiser Work Together

Here is a list of the properties for a serum and moisturiser, to understand their differences and how they work together.

  • If both the products are high quality like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Performance Face Serum and Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Active Dew Cream then they will be filled with amazing actives that can help improve skin in so many ways.
  • A serum has a light consistency and is predominately concerned with reaching as far into the skin layers as possible to deeply improve the skin cells, resulting in rejuvenated skin. Good serums contain powerful ingredients that are incredibly enhancing to the face and neck.
  • A face cream moisturiser has a thicker consistency and acts as a barrier to skin, locking in the goodness of any treatments used, preventing trans epidermal water loss, and protecting the skin from damaging elements such as pollution and wind.
  • Both should be hydrating and exceptionally nourishing to skin.
  • Deciding whether to use both a serum and a moisturiser will very much depend on your skin type. We definitely recommend both for dry skin, dehydrated skin, stressed skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, and anyone concerned about the signs of ageing. If you are unsure, then try using both and see how your skin feels afterwards. Remember that it can take a few months to see the full effects of a face product.

How To Apply Serum & Face Cream Together

A serum would be used directly after cleansing and before applying a face moisturiser, this way the actives can work their best and get deep down into skin. Apply it to your finger pads and then dot over the face and neck, plus massage in to cover all the areas. Take care not to go near the eye area and use an Anti-Ageing Eye Cream that is better suited for the delicate eye area. If you also use an Anti-Ageing Face Oil then put this on after the serum but before a face cream.

Apply a face cream in a similar way to the serum. Let the serum settle into the skin for a minute or two and then put the moisturiser onto the finger pads and dot over the face and neck, plus massage in. This will then seal in all the goodness of the serum, plus provide more hydration, nourishment, and skin protection. Both the serum and cream should be used in the morning and evening for best results.

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