How To Use a Cleanser and Toner Together

How To Use a Cleanser and Toner Together

Using a cleanser and toner is an excellent way to cleanse and tone the face plus neck. It is a method that has been around for decades and is really a traditional double cleanse. It is also such a simple way to cleanse the face and can be easily carried out using Nakin’s natural face cleansers.

By using a cleanser and toner together, you can help to maintain the optimal pH balance of your skin. Cleansers remove surface impurities such as dirt and makeup, while toners are designed to help restore the balance of your skin by removing any remaining traces of cleanser or pollution that might be left on your face after cleansing.

Deep cleansing the skin is important in helping to protect it from environmental toxins and pollutants. Using both a cleanser and toner helps keep this balance in check, preventing harm to the skin. Additionally, having optimum clarity helps lock in moisture for healthy hydration and nourishment.

To use a cleanser and toner together, start by cleansing your face with a gentle facial cleanser. Remove with a cotton pad or rinse off the cleanser and pat your skin dry. Then, use a toner by sweeping over the skin and removing any last traces of dirt or makeup that may still be lingering on the surface of your skin. You can also use toners to hydrate the skin, replenish lost nutrients, and help tighten pores.

Using a cleanser and toner together is easy and effective, Make sure to select products like Nakin's that are suitable for your skin type, as this will ensure you get optimal results from using both products in tandem. With regular care, you will be able to keep the tone and clarity of your face in check for healthy and glowing skin.

Start by deciding if you prefer an oil-based cleanser like our Advanced Cleansing Milk or a foaming one like our Nakin Rejuvenating Face Wash to cleanse the skin thoroughly. When using the first stage cleanser it is a good idea to spend some time massaging it properly into the skin, using clean fingertips. This massage action helps to dislodge impurities and deeper down grime so that our cleansers can more easily clean the face properly. Then follow with our Purifying Face Toner which is a botanical liquid that can be wiped onto the face and neck with a cotton pad. It cleans away to last traces of cleanser and give the face a next a refreshing boost. Think of the first cleanser as an all round skin cleaner that removes the majority of grime and then the toner as a double check to ensure everything is clear, unclogged and refined.

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