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How to Treat Mature Skin

How to Treat Mature Skin

As the years go by our skin naturally changes. Our skin tone and texture becomes more uneven, moisture levels deplete, we develop lines and wrinkles, plus the face and neck lose their bounce and plumpness. Treating skin well throughout the years and as it matures will really help to keep it looking its best. Many people think that mature skin needs different skincare products to those with younger skin. However, the truth is that mature skin really needs the same as every skin, and that is the best natural skincare products. This is because enhancing natural ingredients are fantastic for skin whatever age or condition that it is in. Good skincare products like Nakin’s contain ingredients that every skin type loves They help to resist and correct the signs of ageing, as they are made from amazing plant extracts.

It is not just enough for skincare to be natural, as not all plant ingredients are created equally when it comes to their benefits to skin. A good example of this is the hugely popular coconut oil. Coconut oil has many benefits, it contains a wealth of nutrients and is great for cooking and for use sparingly in some hair plus body products, but we would never recommend using it on the face and neck, as it is a really fatty comedogenic oil that can clog pores. At Nakin we only use the best plant extracts available to make our anti-ageing skincare which includes ingredients like line smoothing hibiscus, toning seaweed and antioxidant pomegranate. Alongside this we use beautiful oils and butters that deeply condition and hydrate plus deliver vitamins, minerals and omega oils to skin.

There is a tendency to think that mature skin needs ingredients like retinol, which is known for its ability to clear lines, however, it can also be aggravating to skin and throw it off balance. Mature skin tends to be more sensitive and so applying a harsh ingredient such as retinol to it can be counterproductive. Instead at Nakin we use natural ingredients to freshen, hydrate and smooth; plus these skin boosting plant extracts bring skin to a harmonious state. This is why Nakin’s range offers superb sensitive skin care. The full range includes the below products. We have two face creams, one for drier skin and one for more oilier skin, but they are both for normal, combination and sensitive skin, and both offer long lasting hydration.

  • The Natural Cleansing Milk is a sublime milk made with natural cleansers, that also soften and comfort skin.
  • After the milk sweep the Natural Face Toner over the face and neck to clear last traces of cleanser, refresh and detox with seaweed, witch hazel and aloe.
  • Our Natural Face Serum is a multi-purpose skin corrector with amazing plant actives, to smooth lines and condition skin.
  • The Natural Face Oil boosts, nourishes and revitalises skin.
  • Our Natural Eye Cream is hydrating and reduces lines, circles and bags.
  • Our Natural Matt Moisturiser Cream is a lovely face cream for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. For drier skin types the Natural Dew Face Moisturiser is more hydrating. Both are non-greasy and long lasting.
  • Lastly, we have our Natural Lip Balm that beautifully hydrates with special natural butters and oils.


We hope that you found this feature about how to treat mature skin helpful. The other essential is to use sun protection at every age, as the sun is very damaging to skin. It is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing and more seriously cancer. So always apply a sun cream just before actually going out in the sun. Nakin’s face creams do not contain SPF, as we do not believe in using SPF unless skin is exposed to the sun, and our creams can also be used at night. To find out more about Nakin’s cruelty free skincare then visit our website and always get in touch with any queries.

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