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How To Repair Your Skin Barrier

How To Repair Your Skin Barrier

Our skin is the largest organ that we have in our body and the skin barrier is the outer most layer of it. It has a really important role in preventing undesirable things from entering our skin, such as bacteria and pollutants. It also helps our skin maintain its hydration for that healthy plumped look. Sometimes though our skin barrier can be impaired or damaged, which can result in bacteria and irritants entering. This in turns affects the way our skin looks and feels plus can result in dryness, flakiness and irritation. It might also cause a loss of hydration leaving skin looking tired with more noticeable lines. In general, an impaired skin barrier results in skin not looking in good health.

The good news is that we can share lots of ways to keep the skin barrier working as well as possible, and even repair damage to it. If our skin barrier is compromised then we can help to improve it with good natural face products like Nakin's and healthy lifestyle measures. Read on for our top tips to achieve this.


Cleansing is essential to skin, but it can also be one of the biggest contributors to an impaired skin barrier. This is especially from harsh face products, or over exfoliating your skin. At Nakin we recommend staying away from harsh exfoliators and chemical peels and instead using natural cleansers. Our cleansers are super effective but kind to skin at the same time. The natural cleansing milk removes make-up and daily grime and you can then use our natural toner to purify and detox. Using a mild cleanser that does not strip the skin of its natural oils helps to keep our skin barrier intact, or reduce the chance of further damage.


Applying a good topical moisturiser is one of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy skin barrier. This is important even if you have oily skin. Not only will it provide immediate hydration to the skin, but they also offer an extra layer of protection to the skin that stops skin barrier damage. At Nakin we have two amazing face creams, our Natural Matt Cream for oilier skin types and our Natural Dew Cream for drier skin types. They are both kind to even sensitive skin and contain barrier repairing hyaluronic acid, hydrating aloe and a mix of plant oils that nourish and protect. Opting for a rich, hydrating moisturiser that contains ingredients like plant ceramides, glycerin, and hyaluronic acid. These help to replenish and lock in moisture, fostering a healthy barrier.


The sun is one of the biggest destroyers of a healthy skin barrier. The UVA and UVB rays cause irritation and redness and are damaging to skin cells. So, it is important to protect skin against UV light. This applies whatever the weather, even if it is sunny or raining. So, cover skin up when outside, or use a natural sunscreen. Be sure to cover all areas of exposed skin and reapply every couple of hours., or as per the directions. Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen when going outside will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which can weaken the skin barrier over time.


In recent years the rise of using synthetic actives in skincare has exploded, however, these are not always great for the health of our skin barrier. One of the main culprits is retinol and synthetic vitamin C, which are strong ingredients to use on our delicate faces. Instead, we recommend using kind natural actives, such as those used in our natural anti-ageing skin care. This means that skin can look great without any of the side effects of harsh anti-ageing ingredients. Nakin’s products are kind to even sensitive skin and we have a potent anti-ageing face serum that is filled with the best plant actives, to improve the complexion and smooth lines. It helps to condition the microbiome and thereby repair and strengthen skin.


Our diet affects all aspects of our overall health, and this extends to our skin barrier. For healthy looking skin avoid processed food and instead choose a diet that is rich in fibre and vegetables, plus omega oils. Omega oils act as an internal lubricant for our skin and are excellent for strengthening our complexions. Consuming a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats with foods high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and flaxseeds, can support the skin's structural integrity. Plus drink lots of water to keep everything nicely hydrated.


When we are stressed, it has a negative effect on our skin barrier. One of the best ways to combat stress is through movement such as doing yoga, walking and other exercise. Always take some time to relax to switch off too, as taking time for ourselves is essential. Getting good sleep is also important for reducing stress levels and is when skin repairs itself. So, prioritise getting the right amount of sleep every night.  

Our skin barrier, the outermost layer of the skin, plays a crucial role in protecting us from environmental aggressors and retaining moisture. When this barrier is compromised, it can lead to issues such as dryness, irritation, and increased sensitivity. So, it is worth taking the right steps to repair and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

We hope that you found our tips helpful on how to repair your skin barrier. We have given suggestions that we hope are easy to follow in everyday life. This should result in a happy healthy skin barrier, plus gorgeous glowing skin. To find out more about Nakin visit us at the links below.

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