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How to Reduce the Effects of Hard Water on Skin

How to Reduce the Effects of Hard Water on Skin

Most of us put time and effort into our skincare and use good quality products like our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Range. But there might be an everyday routine that is negatively effecting your skin and tends to be forgotten about, and this is hard water. According to figures around 60% of the UK is considered to have hard to very hard water from their taps. This means that it has a higher mineral content than areas with softer water, and these can leave your skin looking dull, plus cause dryness and even irritation. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to reduce hard water touching your skin, and reduce the effects that it has.

One easy solution is to apply a filter to showers that softens the water. They can actually be purchased quite affordably and easily, and they do work. Check the reviews but most people find that their skin and hair feels softer and bouncier after use. You can also minimise the application of hard water on skin, and a good option for this it to use our Advanced Cleansing Milk and Purifying Face Toner combination for cleansing the face and neck. The cleaning milk is commonly removed in the shower or with moist cotton wool, or a cloth. But it can just be removed with cotton wool and the toner used afterwards to wipe away any last traces of the milk. Then using high quality serums and moisturisers like ours will hydrate, calm and comfort the skin.

Hard water can have a damaging effect on skin, including stripping it of its natural oils, causing irritation, and drying it out. So, using anti-ageing face products like ours that is made with lots of hydrating and healing plant ingredients helps to combat these negative effects.

Good cleansing with kind natural cleansers are important to help remove excess hardness-causing minerals from your skin’s surface. At Nakin we use lots of calming hydrators such as glycerin, aloe vera and plant oils that can help lock in moisture and reduce dryness caused by hard water use. It is also important to keep skin hydrated and using one of our moisturisers in the morning and evening helps the skin retain its natural oils and prevents dryness.

Using a good moisturiser will help replenish lost moisture in the skin due to contact with hard water. You can also limit the amount of time spent in the shower or bath, as too much exposure to hard water can strip the skin of its natural oils. Finally, exfoliate your skin regularly to help it stay clean and soft even when exposed to hard water, our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is great for this. It will help remove any remaining minerals that could be causing irritation.

We hope that you have found our advice useful for helping to prevent skin issues caused by hard water on the face and neck. By taking these steps, you should be able to reduce or eliminate the drying and irritating effects of hard water on your skin.

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