How To Protect Skin from Pollution

How To Protect Skin from Pollution

Pollution is not a friend to our skin and those that live in polluted areas will know how it shows up on our face. When you cleanse your face with a wipe away cleanser, the pad or cloth will show up with far more grime for those living in polluted areas. Pollution also has lots of less obvious detrimental effects to skin, so it is really important to protect it properly. Pollution is ageing to skin and causes lines, plus an uneven skin tone and dark spots. This is because of the free radicals that pollution creates in skin. As well as causing inflammation on skin it also has a negative effect on the skin barrier. So, it is really important to cleanse skin properly and protect it from pollution effectively.

Our skin provides a good barrier for most things, however, when it comes to pollution the microscopic particles can enter our skin from vehicles, plus business and home emissions. Read on to find out how best to protect your skin from the damaging effects of pollution.

  • Good cleansing is essential as it helps to clear pollution that can accumulate in pores, blocking them and reducing the skin’s ability to function properly. Finding a good face cleanser that works on polluted skin without being too harsh is hard. At Nakin we have a gorgeous Natural Anti-Ageing Cleansing Milk that clears skin while being kind at the same time. The wonderful thing about a cleansing milk is that the massaging action when applying helps to loosen and dislodge hard to clear impurities.
  • Using a toner after cleansing is essential to help remove pollution that has accumulated in pores. A toner like our Natural Anti-Ageing Toner can reach deep down into the skin to remove toxins and bring back that clear healthy shine.
  • To help counteract the ageing effects of pollution a good Natural Anti-Ageing Serum like ours is packed with line smoothers, skin tone improvers and antioxidants to bring polluted skin back to life.
  • The next skincare layer in the fight against pollution is our Natural Anti-Ageing Face Oil which helps reduce inflammation caused by pollution. It seeps into skin cells to soften and calm skin deep down.
  • The eyes need pollution protection just as much as the rest of the face and our Natural Anti-Ageing Eye Cream is filled with so many wonderful ingredients that helps resist all signs of ageing around the eyes, including from the detrimental effects of pollution.
  • One of the biggest ways to protect skin against pollution is with a good face cream and Nakin have some amazing ones. They hydrate and condition skin, but also offer superb protection from moisture escaping, plus pollution entering the skin. We have the Natural Anti-Ageing Dew Cream for drier skin and the Natural Anti-Ageing Matt Moisturiser for oilier types. Both are suitable for combination, normal and sensitive skin types.
  • The last area of the face to protect from pollution is the lips and our Natural Anti-Ageing Lip Balm is perfect for this. It is petrolatum free and instead protects lips with plant butters.

To find out more about Nakin and our award-wining plant based skincare then visit our website at www.nakinskincare.com

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