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How To Prevent Blackheads

How To Prevent Blackheads

We wanted to write an article about blackheads and the best way to prevent them, as we know that it is a beauty concern for many people. A blackhead occurs on our face when a pore becomes blocked with dead skin cells, oil, dirt and debris. This collection in our pores then turns black due to oxidisation. They tend to be found on the t-zone area of the face which is the forehead, nose and chin. This is because the t-zone has more oil glands than the rest of the face. Blackheads are not the prettiest of things, but the good news is that there is lots that can be done to prevent and improve them as below:

  • Gently steaming the face
  • Cleansing and toning skin morning and evening
  • Exfoliating skin at least twice weekly, depending on the product
  • Keeping hair clean and away from the face
  • Showering regularly, especially after exercise
  • Keeping towels and bedding clean

Steps to Prevent Blackheads

Facial steaming is one of the best completely natural and free methods to keep blackheads at bay, as well as being natural and free. Steam is long known for its cleansing ability and works wonders on the face, because the heat and vapour loosen build-up in the pores. This then allows the debris and oil to be easily dislodged when skin is cleansed and toned. Take care not to burn skin. To steam the face simply place some boiling water into a bowl or saucepan. Leave it to cool for about a minute and then place your face over the water, with a towel covering your head to keep the steam in. Be careful not to get too close to the water as the steam can be extremely hot and damage skin. If you love facial steaming for preventing blackheads and want to do this regularly, then there are special machines designed for facial steaming.

Cleansing and toning skin morning and evening gives it the best chance of looking clear and fresh, as it removes make-up, dirt, debris, oil and some of the dead skin cells. Begin with our Nakin Natural Cleansing Milk and follow with our Nakin Natural Face Toner. These two products combined will dislodge debris and clear it away for fresh smooth skin. They are also packed with anti-ageing plant actives such as detoxing seaweed and plumping hyaluronic acid. Our best product though for clearing away blackheads is our Nakin Exfoliating Radiance Tonic which contains fruit AHAs that offer excellent natural clearing and renewal properties. It is a gentle modern exfoliator and clears the pores without grains, so is much kinder to skin, and can even be used up to nightly if required for skin that is really congested. After cleansing follow your routine using only natural skincare that is kind to skin and will not overload it, such as Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Face Products. At Nakin we believe that synthetic skincare can affect skin’s balance and cause excess oil production, plus as it is alien to skin it will not be as easily absorbed as natural skincare.

We recommend exfoliating skin at least twice weekly with our pore clearing Exfoliating tonic. Twice weekly use helps to clear the pores of debris and especially dead skin cells, which is one of the main causes of blackheads. If you are not keen on using an exfoliator then we recommend another method. This is to exfoliate the face gently using a Face Cleanser for Sensitive Skin and a luke-warm damp muslin cloth. Remove the cleanser with gentle circular movements, covering the whole face and neck. Pay special attention to black head prone areas such as the nose, chin and forehead. Follow the exfoliation with our Purifying Anti-Ageing Face Toner for thoroughly cleansed skin without any stripping.

Keeping hair clean is important if you are prone to blackheads. This is because the dirt and oil in hair can make their way onto the face. Hair naturally falls onto the face and may be in contact with large areas of the face when we are sleeping, especially if hair is long. It will also help to keep hair tied up. Keeping hair cleansed regularly with help to prevent blackheads. Just to note that this does not include dry shampoo, as dry shampoo does not actually clean hair, it just soaks up the oil in the hair so it does not look oily and greasy.

As well as keeping the face and hair clean it’s important to shower regularly, and especially straight after exercising. This is because sweating from the skin might encourage the accumulation of bacteria. Exercise and sweating are actually very good for your skin as sweating flushes out toxins and bacteria, which help to keep skin clear. However, during exercise the sweat can mix with dirt and bacteria to clog pores. So, after exercise shower as soon as possible.

Keeping towels and bedding clean helps to prevent blackheads. When we dry our faces or are sleeping, we can subject our pores to debris, oils and dead skin cells on towels and bedding. It’s also important to keep hair and make-up brushes clean and anything that comes into contact with our face. When they are not cleaned regularly, they get a build of bacteria, oil and skin cells which can contribute to blackheads.

Why Do I have Blackheads?

Unfortunately, the main reason for blackheads is due to our own unique biology, and this is why there is no complete cure for blackheads, and instead we can only work to prevent them. This is because the amount of blackheads that we have is mostly down to our genetics. Some people have oilier skin with more sebum than others, and this in turn can lead to larger pores. Another big factor is the amount of oil producing androgen hormones that we have. Blackheads can also be bought on by medications that might affect our hormone levels.

Should I Remove Blackheads?

At Nakin we recommend not removing blackheads, as squeezing them out opens and stretches the pore, and then it is easier for dirt to get into it, and a larger blackhead will appear. Removing blackheads can also damage skin, as they can require some force to push them out. If you feel that removing blackheads is essential, then visit a qualified dermal beautician who is experienced in this practice. Removing blackheads is called extraction. The beauty therapist will often steam the face and then remove each blackhead with a tool designed specially to remove blackheads. The tool applies pressure onto the skin around the blackhead, which then pushes out all the debris, oil and serum.  

Blackheads, a common form of congestion, are indeed manageable and can diminish over time with the right care and treatment. They occur when pores are clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells, exposing the blockage to air and leading to oxidation, which turns it black. Incorporating a skincare routine that includes good cleansing and gentle exfoliation, the use of non-comedogenic products can help in preventing new blackheads and reducing existing ones. Additionally, professional treatments can offer more immediate results. After using good cleansing products you should see an immediate improvement in the way that your blackheads look, however, patience and consistency in skincare practices are key, as blackheads can recur if the underlying causes are not addressed.

At Nakin we believe in achieving beautiful skin through natural methods. That’s why we developed an award winning natural anti-ageing skincare range. Find out more about Nakin and our stunning skincare products at www.nakinskincare.com The complete Nakin range offers everything that you need for clear, fresh revitalised skin. All of our products are made in the UK and cruelty free registered.

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