How to Make Hand Sanitiser at Home

How to Make Hand Sanitiser at Home

The most used toiletry product in recent times has to be hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser does a very important job and it is widely available and affordable, as it is extremely easy to make. If you are interested in making your own hand sanitiser, then read on for our simple method to make hand sanitiser at home.

Ingredients for Home Made Hand Sanitiser

  • 500 ml of rubbing alcohol which is easily available online (please note that this is potent stuff and should be stored safely).
  • 250ml of aloe vera gel which is easily available online, and from any health store.
  • A few drops of an essential oil like lavender or rose.
  • Container/s to hold the hand sanitiser.

Method to Make Home Made Hand Sanitiser

Simply pour 500ml of the rubbing alcohol into a bowl, followed by the 250ml of aloe vera gel and then mix both together. Then add a few drops of essential oil into the mixture, to make it smell nice and mix in well. The hand sanitiser is now complete. It really is that easy and the final step is to decant the hand sanitiser into a container. You do not need to buy any new containers, as you can easily reuse an old face or body product containers. You could clean an old hand soap dispenser and pump, plus use this for home use. Use a clean mini bottle for the handbag when out and about. Once the hand sanitiser is made, then store the left-over rubbing alcohol away somewhere safely. Due to the large amounts of alcohol, the hand sanitiser will last for a long time without going off, and at least a year.

We hope that you found this article useful about making homemade hand sanitiser. It really is that simple. It is a good idea to not vary the recipe for the hand sanitiser, as the World Health Organisation have said that there needs to be 60 to 80% of alcohol for it to work properly. The aloe vera gel is the perfect thing to mix with this, to make it safe to use and the right consistency.

At Nakin we do not sell hand sanitiser, and all of our products are made in one of the best factories in the UK, to ensure they meet all safety and legal requirements. As hand sanitiser is such a simple product, it is a cosmetic product that can easily and safely be made at home. Your hand sanitiser will be safe, effective and lovely to use. It kills germs at the required level and is also an extremely affordable option.

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