Look Years Younger Naturally

Look Years Younger Naturally

What if we said that there is one easy way to look many years younger; and it does not involve a skin cream, the sun, a treatment or procedure. Would you be interested? Well read on, as the truth is that cutting out sugar can have exceptional benefits to our looks. We all love sugar as it tastes great and activates something stimulating in our brain, however, this short term high comes at the cost of our health, and our skin.

There is no doubt that sugar has had some very bad press in recent years, and there’s a very good reason for this. It is proven to contribute to all sorts of serious health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. But sugar also has a big impact on our looks, and ages us. It’s thought to age us by as much as an extra 20 years. You could be using the absolute best face care products like ours, and this will really help to improve skin, but sugar consumption can counteract all that goodness. The great news is that by cutting out sugar, you should see an improvement in a matter of days. It may only start off as small things, like skin being less dry and irritated. But if you continue your skin, hair and general health will look and feel brilliant.

It sounds like a hard task to cut out sugar, however, like most things our sugar usage is part of a habit that we have formed. So, we need to break the habit, which can usually take three weeks. Like most bad habits the best thing to do is replace it with something better. We could save up all the money that we have saved on sugar products and use it to treat ourselves to some of our anti-ageing skincare instead, or an item of clothing. Seeing the results on our skin and our bank balance will be hugely rewarding.

When we ingest foods that contain sugar, including food like milk and fruit, the body breaks them down into Glucose, and our Insulin levels rise. Insulin transforms Glucose into energy for the body. When we eat foods that contain a lot of refined sugar, such as granulated sugar, sweets and fizzy drinks, there is a huge sharp rise in Insulin. This flood of Insulin into our body causes inflammation, and this is damaging to us.

The effects of sugar ages us in all sorts of ways. There are the obvious signs, such as the effect on our weight. But it goes much deeper than our weight. The inflammation caused from sugar can cause all sorts of problems to our health, and lead us to not look or feel as good as we should.  The sugar causes glycation, where sugar bonds to proteins such as Collagen, to damage it and break it down. So skin is less plump, elastic, lifted and youthful looking. The sugar can also cause skin irritation and worsen conditions such as Rosacea.

Sugar is also hugely damaging to teeth, and nice teeth really contribute to our confidence and appearance. As well as causing teeth to decay, sugar contributes to wearing down the tooth enamel, which over time exposes the yellower dentin.

When we eat sugar, the sudden rush into our systems disrupts our whole biology, and even our hair is affected. It can contribute to thinning hair, hair loss and scalp irritation. Sugar is even responsible for causing aches in the body and joint pain. It also gives us a short term high, which is followed by a low that affects our energy, mood and our mental performance.

All in all, sugar does not have a lot going for it. It’s found naturally in healthy foods like fruit, but this is not a concern. However, it appears in so many everyday foods, this makes it hard to cut it out completely. The aim is to reduce the unhealthy types of sugar. When we eat sugar the brain has a spike in Dopamine, which helps us to feel good. But when levels drop we feel tired, and even anxious. The taste and short-term feel good factor, is why sugar is so hard to resist, and consumption is a kind of addiction. It’s like a habit that we have to break. It is hard work, and will require dedication and control. Studies have shown that we need 3 weeks to break an initial habit, and then months and even years of continuous effort. As we all know, from past habits that we have worked hard to break. But it is so worth it. Is it worth a couple of minutes of sugar enjoyment, to disrupt our whole natural biology, looks and health?

If we can get out of the habit of eating sugar, it will be one of the best things that we can do. In the long run it will have such amazing benefits for your skin and whole health. Stick to a diet that is as natural as possible, with protein from fresh meat and fish, vegetable carbohydrates and healthy fats (like Avocadoes). Eat as many vegetables as possible, as they are low in sugar and have many health advantages. Eat refined foods in moderation. Swop white bread, rice and pasta for brown alternatives. These are healthier options, and also keep us fuller for longer, so really help with our weight. When shopping for foods take care reading ingredient lists; as sugar is often listed as things like Sucrose, Corn Syrup, Agave Nectar or Cane Juice. Cooking foods from scratch, with natural foods whenever possible, will avoid consuming these hidden sugars.

Use alternatives to sugar, such as raw honey.  Raw honey is pure and not pasteurised. It depends on the type of honey and honey still contains sugar, but it has about 20% less than sugar. Honey also has many health benefits and is packed with skin loving anti-oxidants, as well as possessing anti-bacterial properties. It can even help to heal wounds and assist in the management of diabetes.

Replace sugary drinks with water and herbal options. If you find it impossible to cut down on sugary snacks, then opt for certified organic dark chocolate, although it will contain some sugar, ethical brands will use minimal amounts. Opt for products certified by the Soil Association, who will only put their certification onto products after stringent ingredient checks.

Exercising is important for everyday health. It also helps to metabolise the sugar that we intake. Drink lots of water to help our blood to circulate, and help the vitamins and minerals that we ingest to work better.

Nakin can help to repair the damage that sugar has done to our skin, with our natural performance skincare. We offer a complete anti-ageing skincare routine of natural face cleansers, natural face creams, eye products, face treatments and a 100% natural lip balm and face oil.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about looking years younger naturally. Cutting out sugar is one of the simplest ways to improve our overall health and looks. Why not give it a try and give your skin the chance to glow naturally, along with our natural skincare range. If you want to look young naturally then taking care of our skin and overall health needs to be a priority.

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