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How to Look Good Without Makeup

How to Look Good Without Makeup

When make-up is applied correctly it can improve the look of many people. Make-up is used by lots of us to cover up signs of ageing and enhance our unique features. Some of the make-up looks that are around these days are hugely impressive. However, at Nakin we love natural skincare and tend to prefer a more natural look for every day. It is also nice to go completely make-up free sometimes. So, we wanted to write an article talking about how we can look great without make-up.

There is lots that can be done to improve our skin for an ultimate glow that rivals any make-up look, and we have narrowed the essentials down to 5 easy steps as below.


Probably the number one tip to be happy going out make-up free is having the confidence to do it. To feel happy with your natural look and embrace it for the world to see. Bare skin is really pretty and sometimes make-up can be ageing to our look.

Good Skincare

Having healthy smooth glowing skin is important in feeling confident to go make-up free. This is why Nakin developed our award-winning anti-ageing skincare to help skin to look as good as it can naturally. Our full range includes the below with everything needed for a gorgeous face care routine.

  • Bare make-up free skin looks best when it is thoroughly clean and our Natural Cleansing Milk is a gorgeous milk that also softens and comforts skin.
  • Remove the last traces of cleanser and freshen skin deep down with our Natural Face Toner .
  • Our Natural Face Serum is a saviour for bare skin, as the potent actives resist and correct the signs of ageing.
  • Boost, hydrate and condition skin with our Natural Face Oil that is packed with gorgeous plant extracts and gives bare skin a gorgeous glow.
  • It is common to use concealer around the eye area as it can show lots of discolouration and darkness. Instead, brighten the skin around eyes with our Natural Eye Cream that helps with dark circles, lines and puffing.
  • Good skin moisturising helps skin to look its best and protects it from damage. We have our Natural Matt Moisturiser Cream for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. For drier skin types the Natural Dew Face Moisturiser is more hydrating. Both are filled with gorgeous plant ingredients and are easily absorbed.
  • A bare face always looks better when lips are soft and hydrated. Our Natural Lip Balm is perfect for this and easy to carry around.

Good Nutrition

Slow down on things like sugar, alcohol, gluten and dairy. That is not to say to cut them out completely, but an overload of these types of foods can have a negative effect on our overall health and how our skin looks. Instead opt for skin strengthening foods like protein, plus lots of coloured fruits and vegetables. Eating the right foods also means we are less likely to be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, which can affect the way our skin looks. A common one is iron deficiency which could result in anaemia, where our skin can look dull and pale.

Good Hydration

Drinking lots of water and healthy drinks like botanical teas is a huge benefit to our skin. If we are dehydrated internally then our skin will never look its best. It can look dry and not as bouncy as it should. When we consume water, it is utilised by other organs ahead of our skin, so we need to drink enough for the benefits to also be seen in our skin. A general guide is to have 2 litres a day, but it will depend on the weather and how active your lifestyle is.


Exercise is great for so many things and our skin is one of the benefactors. So, take some me time and fill it with exercise. It is great for our whole body and benefits skin by boosting blood circulation. This in turn delivers more nutrients and oxygen to the skin, which boosts cell and collagen production. There are also lots of specific facial exercises we can do that target certain parts of our face and neck, to tone any niggles that we may have. Exercise also ties in nicely to boosting our confidence, as most people will agree that being fit gives them lots of confidence and improves their mental health, plus how they feel about themselves.

We hope that you found our article helpful on looking good without makeup. It’s a combination of looking after our health and skin, plus having confidence and feeling good about ourselves. It is not for everyone, and might not suit every occasion, but being bare faced can be a lovely look.

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