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How to Look After Your Hair

How to Look After Your Hair

At Nakin we produce gorgeous natural anti-ageing skincare products and we believe in a complete approach to looking and feeling great. Having beautiful skin is important to help us feel great, but it also helps to be healthy, have nice clothes and have lovely hair. Feeling good about our hair can make us feel positive about ourselves and boost our confidence, which is something that we love. This is why we have written a small feature with our top tips to look after your hair. Read on to find out the answers to the main questions asked about looking after hair.

Is it worth spending a lot on shampoo and conditioner?

Yes, it can be as more expensive shampoos and conditioners tend to contain the best ingredients for hair. This is not always the case as some hair products can have lots of great packaging and marketing, that make them sound better than they are. A good shampoo is important but if there is a choice between using a more premium shampoo or conditioner, then a conditioner will be of more benefit to hair. If your hair is dyed, then we recommend using a special shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. This will keep the colour for longer and give hair the extra conditioning that coloured hair needs.

How often should I wash my hair?

This is down to personal preference and how oily your hair is, however, we recommend not washing your hair daily and leaving it for longer between washes, as this allows the natural oils to come through, which are really conditioning for hair.

Should I rinse my hair with cold water?

This is a long-known hair tip that does actually work, it is invigorating to the scalp and leaves hair with a lovely shine. So, next time you are washing your hair, give it a blast of cold water at the end.

How often should I cut my hair?

Hair should be trimmed every 6-12 weeks to keep it looking neat and healthy, depending on the style and condition. Regular trims help to keep your hair in its style and remove split ends. Always get your hair cut by a professional hairdresser and do not be tempted to cut your own hair at home, even when you have a sudden desire for a chop. Even qualified hairdressers use experts, to ensure hair looks even and falls properly.

Is it ok to dye hair at home?

This is not recommended because as well as it being hard to get the perfect finish, it can also be damaging to hair. If you do prefer to dye hair at home then use one that is free from ammonia. Ammonia changes the Ph of hair and can cause damage that leaves hair looking unhealthy, dry and brittle.

Is it ok to use heated appliances?

Try to keep heat to a minimum when styling with hair dryers, straighteners and tongs but it is fine to use them, as long as the heated appliance is kind to hair and is used with a heat protector spray.


We hope that you found our tips useful on looking after your hair. We tend to focus a lot on our skin which means that hair can sometimes be forgotten, even though it is a huge part of our look. To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning natural anti-ageing skincare visit us online.

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