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How To Lift Eye Lids In 1 Minute

How To Lift Eye Lids In 1 Minute

At Nakin we are obsessed with natural ways to keep ourselves looking great. One of the areas that often needs lots of help is the eye lids. There are the obvious issues like dark circles and lines, but something that many of us have is drooping eye lids. It is a natural part of ageing but can be exacerbated by an unhealthy lifestyle. Something that many of us will also notice is asymmetry between the eye lids, where they might look and hang differently. Our face like the rest of our body can be toned up and improved with the right exercises. If you would like to help to get a lift in the eye lid area, then read on to find out how.

We are sharing an amazing way to lift your eye lids in just one minute with this completely natural trick that we can all do at home. This simple easy to do trick involves a quick massage of the eye area. The only thing you need is our natural face oil and it helps to be looking into a mirror to make sure the steps are correct. You could also use our Eye Cream Complex. It might take a few attempts to master but as you can see from the images, the before and after shot shows and unbelievable difference in the eye lid area and how lifted it looks. The massage sequence was developed by the lovely Taryn Williams. Taryn has been a facialist for 20 years and is a big follower of all things natural and healthy.

Here are detailed instructions on how to carry out Taryn’s lifting eye massage sequence.

Step 1. Find a comfortable spot standing or sitting and have our Anti-Ageing Face Oil ready to use. Or you could use our Eye Cream Complex which is a lovely light, hydrating anti-ageing cream for the whole skin around the eyes.

Step 2. Clip your hair back and apply the oil to your finger pads and press over the face. There is no need to take it close to the eye area as you will have some on your finger’s pads for the massage.

Step 3. Use both your ring fingers to alternative lifting the brow and working it back into the hair line for 10 seconds.

Step 4. Then we are going to knead still with both the ring fingers. Work along bony eye socket moving along from the outer to the inner corner and then drain with the other hand from the inner to the outer corner, again for 10 seconds.

Step 5. Take a look at the amazing lift and then switch to the other side.

We are sure that you agree that the results are very impressive. We love that this is totally natural and creates an eye lid lift that would rival any surgical procedure, as it looks so natural and fresh. The power of massage combined with the best skincare products is something incredibly special. It is hard to believe that such a fast simple trick can have such a dramatic effect on our looks.

Facial exercises, often referred to as facial yoga, can be highly effective in lifting and toning the eyelid area. The eyelid skin is delicate and more prone to sagging and wrinkles as we age. Specific exercises target the muscles around the eyes, such as the orbicularis oculi, helping to strengthen and firm them. There are lots of techniques available that potentially lead to a lifted and more youthful appearance. Incorporating these exercises into a daily routine can yield noticeable benefits over time, contributing to overall facial rejuvenation.

Facial exercises not only help with eyelid lifting, but they can also target other areas of the face such as the forehead, cheeks, and neck. These exercises work by stimulating blood flow to the area and increasing muscle strength, which in turn can improve skin tone and reduce signs of ageing like wrinkles and sagging.

In addition to physical benefits, facial exercises can also have a positive impact on mental well-being. The act of focusing on specific muscle movements and taking time for self-care can be relaxing and meditative, helping to reduce stress and improve mood.

To find out more about Nakin and our award-winning range of natural face care then take a look at our website. Nakin are an ethical company, and all of our beauty products are made in the UK and meet strict cruelty free skincare standards. The range is made with plant actives and extracts that help skin to flourish and thrive and is made for all skin types. It is all formulated with sensitive skincare in mind and is free from harsh ingredients like retinol, synthetic vitamin C, parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulphate, PEGs, mineral oil, artificial colour and fragrance.

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