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How To Know if Your Skin is Dry or Dehydrated

How To Know if Your Skin is Dry or Dehydrated

Many of us know the feeling of dry and dehydrated skin, with the tell-tale signs being when skin feels dry, tight and looks dull, plus might be flaky, itchy and irritated. We tend to think of dry and dehydrated skin as being the same thing, however, while they can be treated in a similar way, they are actually different conditions. Dry skin is our actual skin type, whereas dehydrated skin is a condition that can be temporary and is also more easily rectified. Dry skin can also be improved and can also change over time with age, whereas dehydrated skin tends to be more closely related to hormones, health and environmental factors.

The good news is that by using high quality natural skincare like Nakin’s range of award-winning cleansers, treatments and creams, it can dramatically improve both dry and dehydrated skin. There are some amazing botanical ingredients that we use which all skin loves, and they help to nourish and revive even very dry dehydrated skin.

The Signs of Dry Skin

  • Dry skin is usually something that we notice at an early age, as it is mostly based on genetics. Skin has a lower amount of oil lipids than normal or oily skin types.
  • Skin has a dry look to it and can be rough with flaky patches.
  • If you pinch your cheeks for a few seconds the skin will immediately bounce back.

The Signs of Dehydrated Skin

  • Dehydrated skin is bought on by our internal and external environment and is exacerbated by things like cold weather, heating systems, using harsh cleansers, not drinking enough water and hormonal changes. So, even those with oily skin can experience dehydration.
  • Skin tends to look dull, plus lines and sagging are more pronounced.
  • If you pinch your cheek for a few seconds, it does not bounce back immediately, and lines are visible in this area.

Caring for Dry or Dehydrated Skin

The main thing is to use kind hydrating moisture locking face products, which support any dry and dehydrated areas. Products like Nakin’s that contain plant oils are particularly beneficial to heal dry and dehydrated skin, plus replace those missing lipids. Nakin’s range is filled with some amazing plant oils, like Argan, Baobab and Jojoba. One of the best natural actives is hyaluronic acid, as this helps to put moisture back into the skin and retain it. This is why we use it so much at Nakin. Our face products are filled with some of the best actives available including seaweed, pomegranate and aloe. These beautiful ingredients work with the hyaluronic acid and plant oils in our products, to help skin to be as good as it can naturally. At Nakin we have everything needed to restore dry and dehydrated skin, and bring it back to full health. Our award-winning face products are packed with the best that nature has to offer. Find out more about our products and range below.

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