How to Keep Skin Hydrated on a Plane

How to Keep Skin Hydrated on a Plane

Many of us will be jetting off this holiday, or at some point in the near future, and it is a good idea to take the right steps to keep skin hydrated before, during and after the flight, as plane travel can be drying to skin. There is nothing unusual needed for this and it is really about using good skincare products like our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare range.

When it comes to air travel, it is important to know that the dryness of a plane cabin can dehydrate your skin. The humidity level on planes hovers around 20%, which is significantly lower than the recommended indoor humidity level of 40-60%. This environment does not provide enough moisture for our skin to stay hydrated, causing it to become dry and flaky over time. To help combat dehydration in skin it is important to cleanse skin well and apply treatments and moisturisers and keep your skin hydrated and refreshed during air travel. Drinking plenty of water throughout your flight also helps to keep your body hydrated from the inside out. Taking these simple steps will ensure that you arrive at your destination looking and feeling great.

Nakin’s natural anti-ageing face product collection is perfect for looking after skin everyday of the year and this includes during flights. All of our skincare is made with high performing natural ingredients that offer long term hydration without greasiness, and work to help skin whenever it needs it, and being on a flight is a time that it would need it. What we would say is that where you would normally use the products in the morning and evening, it is a good idea to add an extra step to do this either during the flight, or just before. It need not be the whole routine but we would recommend patting on some of our Revitalising Face Oil onto the face and neck for instant nourishment and glow, plus our Eye Cream Complex, our Lip Treatment Balm and one of our natural face moisturisers. So, complete your full routine with our cleansers, treatments and moisturisers in the morning and evening, and add in an extra boost close to the flight time. This will be a real benefit for your skin and prevent dehydration, plus give skin protection from the stress of air travel. Most of our products are under 100ml for flight cabins, and those that are not can be decanted into travel size containers.

We hope that our tips are useful on keeping skin hydrated during a flight. It is good to be prepared and by following these steps, you can ensure that your skin is hydrated and stays healthy during a long plane ride. It is important to take extra care of your skin when flying, as the combination of cabin pressure and dry air can leave it feeling parched and dull. So, keep these tips in mind on your next trip. We also recommend trying to stay active during a flight with some simple stretches. With a little bit of effort, you can arrive at your destination with glowing skin.

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