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How To Help Hungover Skin

How To Help Hungover Skin

Having a hangover is never fun, so help your skin to fight back from the damaging effects of alcohol on the skin with our tips below. Drinking alcohol occasionally like anything is tolerable for your skin. However, large amounts of alcohol in a short period means your skin will benefit from some tender loving care, to keep it looking healthy and glowing.

The main ways to minimise the effects of a hangover on your skin are by using good natural skincare, getting the right nutrition and being hydrated before and after drinking. Having good skincare on your skin is like an invisible armour of protection that will keep your skin hydrated externally, and also provide constant antioxidant protection, to help stave off free radical damage. Eating healthily all the time is particularly important for good skin and overall wellbeing, and especially before consuming alcohol. Alcohol depletes our body of vitamins and minerals, which is one of the reasons we feel so bad when we have a hangover. The Boulder Medical Centre state that the process of metabolising alcohol requires nutrients. This is because when the liver decreases its supply of these nutrients, the blood stream is called upon to replenish the supply. From this the cells in our body are deprived of nutrients, to the detriment of normal body functions. So, having a good nutritious meal before drinking alcohol can help to protect skin from the negative effects of alcohol. Include protein, good carbohydrate and lots of vitamin and mineral rich foods. Having a full and healthy meal will also help to soak up the alcohol that is drunk afterwards.

The biggest way to flush away alcohol and keep skin hydrated internally is by drinking water. Consume lots of water in the hours leading up to drinking alcohol, then while drinking and again after drinking. This is a time when mineral water is particularly helpful, as it contains more beneficial minerals than tap water, like magnesium. It is also important not to drink too much water, as this can be damaging. Healthline say that a good guide is to have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages and then at least one big glass of water before going to sleep. This will also help to cure other hangover symptoms like headaches.

However, drunk you might be one of the best things to do before going to sleep is to cleanse your face. It would be great to do a full skin regime, but it would be better to cleanse the face instead of doing nothing. Cleansers like Nakin’s Advanced Cleansing Milk is a stunning natural cleansing milk that does way more than just cleansing skin. Our Rejuvenating Face Wash is extremely refreshing and will give a quick pick me up to your face and neck. It also nourishes, comforts and hydrates. If you are able to carry out a full skincare routine then use all the products in Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare Range before going to sleep to cleanse, hydrate, repair and nourish skin. However, realistically this might be more of a task for the morning.

When you wake with a hangover if you drink lots of water and juices, plus eat healthily and carry out your skin routine, you will soon be looking and feeling as good as possible. Skin is likely to be feeling more sensitive, and so using kind sensitive skincare products like Nakin’s will help to calm skin. Nakin’s range includes the below products.

  • The Natural Cleansing Milk mentioned above is a sublime milk made with natural cleansers, that also soften and comfort skin.
  • As we mentioned, our face wash is a great way to wake your skin up. Use our Rejuvenating Face Wash for a refreshing and will give a quick pick me up to your face and neck.
  • After the milk sweep the Natural Face Toner  over the face and neck to clear last traces of cleanser, refresh and detox with seaweed, witch hazel and aloe.
  • For more serious anti-ageing use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic which wipes away build-up and grime.
  • Our Natural Face Serum is a multi-purpose skin corrector with amazing plant actives, to smooth lines and condition skin.
  • The Natural Face Oil boosts and revitalises skin and gives welcome relief to thirsty tired hungover skin.
  • The skin around the eyes can look especially tired when you have a hangover and our Natural Eye Cream will bring them back to life with sublime actives to reduce lines, circles and bags.
  • A good moisturiser is essential for skin every day with their nourishing, hydrating and protecting ability. Our Natural Matt Moisturiser Cream is a stunning face cream for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. For drier skin types the Natural Dew Face Moisturiser is more hydrating. Both are non-greasy and long lasting.
  • Finish your routine by bringing lips back to life with our Natural Lip Balm that beautifully hydrates and plumps lips with special natural butters and oils.

To combat the aftereffects of a hangover and revitalise your body, integrating skin care and nutritious food into your recovery routine can prove to be remarkably effective. Start your morning with a tall glass of water to rehydrate, followed by a nutrient-rich breakfast; smoothies or meals high in vitamins and minerals, like fruits, yoghurts, or whole grains, are ideal. For skin care, a gentle reviving cleanser followed by a hydrating moisturiser can help replenish your skin's natural moisture, lost due to dehydration. 

We hope that you found this feature useful on how to revive your skin after a hangover. Drinking alcohol in large amounts is going to have a negative effect on your skin. However, eating the right foods, keeping hydrated and using the best skincare products will help to keep skin healthy, happy and hydrated.

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