How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

At Nakin we spend every day looking at the best way to care for our skin, and how to keep it looking as fresh and smooth as possible. One of the main queries that we get from our customers is about under eye lines and wrinkles, and how to get rid of them. So, we have developed an easy to follow natural seven-step programme, to keep the eyes wrinkle free and as fresh as a daisy.

Under eye wrinkles are something that most adults will be familiar with, but it does not mean that we should accept it. There is lots we can do to prevent and reduce them. Of course some of the lines that we see in our eye area are completely natural and come from the joy and sorrow of everyday life. Many of us though have more noticeable lines and wrinkles which are often from premature skin ageing, such as from sun damage, or an unhealthy lifestyle. These are the ones that good skincare can work to improve. At Nakin we believe in improving skin ageing using natural methods and so this does tend to mean that the results will also be more natural. Here is the 7-steps to take to help to get rid of under eye wrinkles.

7 Step Programme to Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

  1. Cleanse daily with a gentle skin conditioning natural anti-ageing cleansing milk
  2. Use a hydrating anti-ageing eye cream to deliver nutrients, hydration and protection
  3. Sleep well to help with night skin repair and regeneration, and sleep on your back
  4. Massage skin around the eyes daily, to plump and smooth out
  5. Relax the face whenever possible, as tension causes lines
  6. Drink enough water for hydrated soft and fresh skin
  7. Eat a good diet rich in vitamins, minerals and omegas

Following the above steps is an easy effective way to prevent and get rid of under eye wrinkles. It’s a good idea to understand the science behind the steps. Let’s take a look at each of the steps in more detail below.

The Science of Getting Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

Good natural anti-ageing skincare will really help to improve the look of skin, lines and wrinkles by providing the right hydration and actives, with long lasting effects. Cleansing skin is essential for good skin health, but it has to be gentle, as dry or manhandled skin will not give the soft smooth dewy look that we all want. This is especially true for skin around the eyes, as it is much more delicate than the rest of the skin on the face, and does not contain sebaceous glands. So use a non-drying skin conditioning natural anti-ageing cleansing milk. Using an effective cleansing milk like our anti-ageing Advanced Cleansing Milk morning and evening is a great way to properly cleanse and freshen skin, without drying it out or causing skin damage, as it is so gentle and replenishing to skin.

One of the best ways to keep the skin around the eyes soft and smooth is to use a kind anti-ageing eye cream like ours in both the morning and at night. We do not recommend products with synthetic anti-ageing ingredients like retinols. They are proven to get rid of wrinkles due to speeding up cell turnover; but are really harsh to skin and can cause skin sensitivity, irritation and inflammation. Natural eye creams are highly effective, and without causing any damage to skin. Always use a hydrating anti-ageing eye cream to keep wrinkles at bay. Providing skin with the right nutrients, hydration and protection will repair past damage and prevent future lines.

With sleep, we all know that there is nothing more ageing to the eye area than a bad night’s sleep. It’s important to get enough beauty sleep; and position yourself on your back to stop your face creasing. Our eyes are where we feel most tired when we lack sleep, and tiredness really shows on the eye area. Get enough beauty sleep and position yourself on your back as you sleep because wrinkles can form if your face gets squished. You could use a silk pillow case to sleep on, which will reduce any skin wrinkling that might occur when we are in deep sleep/

Massaging regularly is a must for line free skin, and also improves cell turnover and plumps out current lines and stops future ones, improving the circulation blood flow. Gentle tapping with fingertips around the eye orbital bone is an easy way to achieve this, or seek professional guidance for more advanced methods. It is also incredibly stress relieving and removes tension in the face. 

Relax whenever possible, as tension in the face actually causes wrinkles, and the Cortisol produced when we are stressed can breakdown Elastin and Collagen. It’s something that we can feel in our face; so try relaxing the face and neck completely, and actually feel those lines and wrinkles decreasing. If need be move the face and neck around and open the mouth, however feels right for an instant release.

Water is one of the givers of life, and there is no exception when it comes to under eye lines and wrinkles. Do not drink more than required but staying hydrated gives skin a fresh look with plumped cells. Opt for tap water and mineral rich spring water and according to nutritionist Helen Bond it should be between 1.6 and 2 litres a day, with more if exercising or it is hot. It’s also beautifully detoxing.

Diet is essential for fresh glowing skin. A good diet is essential for beautifully smooth wrinkle free skin. Replace sugar and fatty foods with those rich in vitamins, minerals and omegas for essential fats and antioxidants that skin loves. Shop and eat green vegetables, berries, avocado and nuts to keep your skin happy.

We hope that you enjoy our seven-step programme to get rid of under eye wrinkles. If you are interested to find out more about under eye wrinkles, or how we developed our programme then read on.

What causes under eye wrinkles?

The three key factors that contribute to under eye wrinkles are lifestyle and age. There is not much that we can do about ageing, but we can do it well by resisting skin ageing and improving skin that has concerns. The main lifestyle factors that help to cause lines and wrinkles are sun damage, lack of sleep, drinking alcohol, smoking, stress, poor skincare and a unhealthy diet. We can all minimise skin damage by carefully managing and minimising these aspects in our daily routine. It does take some effort but will improve the health of our whole body and mind.

How was the under-eye wrinkle programme established?

At Nakin we get lots of queries about the best way to look after skin, and reducing lines and wrinkles are a big part of this. Our programme was born as we realised there is so much information available on looking after skin, so much that it is confusing to people, and we wanted to share the right information. It needn’t be confusing, as great skin is achievable with just a few steps. At Nakin we wanted to explain the good natural skincare tips and small lifestyle measures that people can take at any age to reduce their under-eye wrinkles, as we know many customers prefer not to have them.

Want to find out more about anti-ageing skincare and natural skincare products?

If you love good skin then why not find out more about Nakin’s skincare range at www.nakinskincare.com It’s been expertly developed to be natural and kind, while using potent plant actives to condition, improve and correct skin for beautiful skin at every age. Nakin have a full award-winning face care routine, all made in the UK and cruelty free.

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