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How to Get Rid of Rosacea

How to Get Rid of Rosacea

Rosacea is a common problem that tends to affect skin as it matures, with paler sensitive skin types being more susceptible. Rosacea can affect anyone though and it can be distressing, this is why so many people with the condition wonder how to get rid of it. At Nakin we are dedicated to producing the best natural anti-ageing skincare possible and we are passionate about helping skin to look as good as it can naturally. So, we have produced this guide to share the steps that can be taken to ease rosacea. We should say that it is not always possible to completely eliminate rosacea, as some people naturally have more reactive skin than others. However, finding the cause of the rosacea, nourishing the skin barrier plus protecting the face and neck, as well as thoughtful eating, can allow it to be dramatically reduced. Read on to find out how best to get rid of rosacea for a clear stress-free complexion.

Rosacea Symptoms

There is a scale when it comes to rosacea symptoms, from just a small amount of redness on the face to much more noticeable inflammation. The signs and symptoms of rosacea can include the below.

  • Visible redness of skin, particularly around the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and chest.
  • Bumps, pustules, or broken capillaries on the face.
  • Sensitive skin that reacts easily to things like conventional face products, the cold and heat.
  • Flushing that occurs on the face after eating certain foods, or drinking alcohol.

Steps to Get Rid of Rosacea

The good news is that there is lots that can be done to get rid of rosacea, so follow our steps below to start the path to being rosacea free.

Finding the Cause of Rosacea

The first step to treating rosacea starts with looking at how it originated and what the triggers are. Did it start during a stressful period, when you moved to the coast and your sun exposure increased, or during a new exercise routine, or a change in diet? It might be due to the perimenopause or menopause and this is quite common. Or does your rosacea only happen on the odd occasion such as on a night out, after a long walk, or eating certain foods? If you are able to identify the cause, then work to eliminate it. If you think that your rosacea is food or drink related, then it can help to keep a food diary, and this will make any rosacea episodes easy to find the cause of.

Using the Right Skincare for Rosacea

Whatever the cause of your rosacea treating it by healing the skin barrier can have a massive effect in reducing it. If you have rosacea, it really is time to rethink your skincare as even if you have tolerated products previously, your skin may be struggling with them now, and they might even be contributing to the rosacea. Treat skin well with kind products like Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare. Using natural skincare like ours is hugely beneficial to skin prone to rosacea, as lots of anti-ageing skincare contains synthetic actives such as retinol and vitamin C, that can be hard for even normal skin types to tolerate. Instead, it is better to support the skin with kind nurturing actives that help to enhance skin but without the irritation. Getting rid of rosacea is all about calming stressed skin and reducing inflammation.

Our full range is kind to all skin types and includes cleansers, creams and treatments that are filled with healing plant extracts. We especially recommend our Nakin Revitalising Face Oil as it is beautifully calming to skin and is filled with natural antioxidants and omega oils, plus is hugely boosting to the skin microbiome. Our range contains ingredients that help to strengthen the skin barrier and heal rosacea. Nakin's products allow skin to flourish and thrive from the botanical formulas that are free from rosacea aggravating synthetic perfumes, and harsh cleansers that can strip skin plus leave it feeling tight and dry. Cleansers like these can be damaging to all skin types and even the best moisturiser will not be able to easily correct damage done to the skin barrier from this.

Using excellent hydration products like Nakin’s is beneficial to skin and this is why our products contain so much hyaluronic acid, as it helps skin to hold moisture. It is all about conditioning and improving the skin barrier with moisture and healing nourishment, to nurture and protect. If you have rosacea, then we recommend seeking medical advice for confirmation of the condition and before starting a new skin regime. It can be hard to easily see a dermatologist, but your doctor will be able to refer you to one.

Eating the Right Diet

As well as feeding our skin topically we can also feed it internally, and eating healthily will play a huge role in how our skin looks. Try including a rainbow of fruit and vegetables and take a probiotic, to help keep the skin microbiome in good health. Getting rid of rosacea might also be about reducing things in our diet, such as alcohol and coffee if these are rosacea triggers.

Protecting Skin from Environmental Stress

Rosacea tends to be made worse by UV exposure so always cover skin up with hats and sunglasses, plus a high protection sunscreen. Rosacea can also be made worse by cold weather, or when in hot conditions. Take care when going from changing temperatures, such as being outside in the cold to going inside, this is where cover up accessories such as hats and scarfs can help.


We hope that you found our feature helpful on getting rid of rosacea. We know that it can be a distressing condition for many, and we hope that our tips and advice are beneficial. The key issues are to find out what is causing the rosacea to eliminate this, and then also work to heal and strengthen the skin barrier. Whatever the cause of your rosacea we always recommend being kind to skin and using skincare like Nakin’s Natural Anti-Ageing Range. Our range is cruelty free and ethically made in the UK.

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