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How To Get Rid Of Frown Lines Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Frown Lines Naturally

Frown lines are the wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows on your forehead. They are called frown lines as they mimic the movement of the face when we are stressed, and it shows on our face in a frown. Frown lines can result from a variety of factors such as stress, sun damage, ageing, squinting, lifestyle choices like smoking and diet - plus people can also be more prone to them due to genetics. The good news is that they can be eased naturally. Many people are tempted to treat frown lines with aesthetic treatments like Botox, but at Nakin we only advocate using natural methods like our Natural Skincare. Natural methods used to get rid of frown lines are safe, easy and affordable. They work with our natural biology to help our skin thrive and flourish.

Natural Skincare to Erase Frown Lines

Good skincare goes a long way to helping skin look and feel its best. Products like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare contain plant actives that are proven to help repair and enhance skin. For frown lines try our Anti-Ageing Face Serum which is packed with a multitude of plant actives to help skin recover from past damage. Frown lines particularly benefit from the hibiscus which is proven to ease and smooth out lines. We also include hibiscus in our Anti-Ageing Eye Cream to smooth out lines and wrinkles in the eye area. People that suffer from frown lines tend to also have lines, crows’ feet and wrinkles in the eye area. This is because the causes of frown lines also cause ageing in the eye area. Using a good serum and eye cream morning and evening like Nakin’s will really benefit skin; as well as helping with other issues like dullness, pigmentation, puffiness and dark circles. You should see results immediately, but results will continue to improve from 1-3 months.

Just to mention that we do not recommend using skincare products that include retinol, even though it is a common skin ingredient to treat frown lines. Although retinol is derived from vitamin A, it is synthetically produced and can cause skin irritation. The EWG Skin Deep database have also listed it as having more serious biological health concerns.

Face Massage to Ease Frown Lines

If frown lines are exasperated by stress and frowning, then it makes sense that giving your face a rest from these positions and relaxing the area will help to rectify the situation. You do not need to be a massage therapist, just follow these simple massage techniques and feel the immediate benefits. The massage relaxes the skin, improves blood flow and assists in lymphatic drainage. Your frown line and eye area should feel immediately relaxed, lightened and eased. Follow the massage steps below every day, as they only take a minute to complete.

  1. Place the thumbs horizontally across each eyebrow and the forefingers on top of them. Apply a small amount of pressure to skin and slide the fingers up towards the scalp, massaging the whole forehead. Repeat 5 times.
  2. Place the tip of both forefingers at the top of the nasal bone, at the area just before the eyebrows start. Then apply a small amount of pressure and slightly stretching the frown lines up and out move the fingertips along the eyebrows until the ends. This feels really relaxing as there are a lot of nerve endings in the eyebrows. Repeat 5 times.
  3. Lastly press down on the acupuncture points to de-stress the skin and energise it. Find the centre of the eyebrow (usually where the eyebrow arch is) and place the forefinger tips on each point and press down for a few seconds. Then move down the face vertically and repeat the movement under the eyes (at the top of the check bone). Then move down vertically again and repeat in the area at the bottom of the cheek bone.

Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Frown Lines

The medical term for frown lines is glabellar lines and the reason that they are called frown lines is due to the movement of the procerus and corrugator facial muscles when we frown. As we age the skin loses its collagen, elasticity and plumpness, so therefore the frown lines become more pronounced. Although genetics and face shape can play a role in our frown lines, there is a correlation between the amount of frown lines and the level of frowning or causing the face to move in frown like positions. As well as undertaking reverse and preventative methods to get rid of frown lines, the actual cause of the frown lines needs to be addressed. Consider the follow actions to help reduce frown lines for good.

  • Stress has a huge impact on the amount that we frown and over the years it contributes significantly to frown lines. This can be alleviated by de-stressing, so take some time to manage stress in your life. Tried and tested de-stress methods include taking time out to do things that make you happy, and exercise is probably the best method. Try to include exercise in your weekly routine with activities such as walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, yoga or cardio work.
  • Sun damage is proven as a one of the biggest contributors to skin ageing. So always cover up with hats, good quality sunglasses and five-star UVA and UVB protection.
  • Skincare products help to reduce frown lines and other wrinkles by delivering goodness topically to skin. Invest in the Best Skincare Products like Nakin’s Anti-Ageing Skincare that fights lines and skin damage. It uses the finest plant actives like hydrating hyaluronic acid, line easing hibiscus and skin repairing pomegranate.
  • Squinting the eyes is one of the causes of frown lines. To reduce this always wear sunglasses when out in the sun. It’s also a good idea to have regular eye tests, as squinting can be from straining the eyes.
  • Smoking contributes to frown lines and their depth, as well as being bad for overall health. The regular movement of drawing on a cigarette puts the face into an unnatural position and causes a frown. Smoking also causes skin ageing as it reduces the amount of oxygen that can get to the skin tissues, and it reduces the amount of skin loving nutrients in our systems.
  • Staying hydrated helps reduce frown lines because drinking lots of water gives skin moisture, which stops it drying out and helps improve skin elasticity and plumpness.
  • Eating healthily will help almost every skin concern. Providing skin with the right vitamins, minerals and oils keeps it functioning as best possible, and glowing as much as it can. The other thing about having a healthy diet is the benefits to our overall well-being, fitness and mental health. All of these are important to how we feel about ourselves, which also contribute to great skin - as when we feel good about ourselves, we stimulate our feel-good hormones and generally look great too.
  • Sleep is an essential for great looking skin, and that's why it is nicknamed beauty sleep. Skin renews and repairs itself more while we are asleep. So, lack of sleep stops it looking as good as it can. When we are tired our skin always looks worse than when we have had a good night’s rest. The solution is to prioritise sleep to improve skin and many other aspects of our life.

To find out more about Nakin take a look at our website www.nakinskincare.com to see all about our natural anti-ageing skincare products, and our ethical business. All our products are cruelty free and made in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering effective skincare that is also kind to skin and the environment.

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