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How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

How To Get Clear Skin Naturally

At Nakin one of the questions that we regularly receive is about how to keep our skin clear and maintain a pure complexion. So, we would like to share some tips on how to keep skin clear naturally. At Nakin we have developed a range of award-winning face care products that are natural and anti-ageing. As well as helping to keep skin fresh, smooth and glowing the range is formulated to be kind to skin, without clogging pores and congesting skin. In addition to using good skincare products there are many other natural ways to keep skin clear, pure and fresh as per our tips below.

Easy Ways to Achieve Clear Skin

Keep Your Skin Clean

Our face is subject to grime and debris 24 hours a day from things like sweat, pollution and dead skin cells. So, it’s essential to keep skin clean and cleanse properly in the morning and evening. This does not mean stripping skin though, so always choose natural skincare cleansers that are kind to even sensitive skin, such as the face cleansers in Nakin’s Natural Skincare Range. Start by cleansing with our Anti-Ageing Cleansing Milk which removes dirt and make-up while still nourishing and comforting skin, or for a foam cleanser our Rejuvenating Face Wash is better. Follow with our Anti-Ageing Face Toner to take off the last traces of cleanser and purify skin deep down. For excellent modern exfoliating try our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic which clears away dead skin cells to help renew and revitalise. If you have lots of blackheads the exfoliator will also help with this, and you may find that steaming skin once a week helps. At Nakin our natural cleansers are excellent ways to cleanse the face and should be all that you need. If you like to home spa though then steaming the face is a therapeutic practice that opens up the pores, aiding in the removal of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. This process not only helps in deeply cleansing the skin but also boosts blood circulation, which, in turn, nourishes the skin cells and promotes a healthier complexion. By facilitating the natural expulsion of toxins, facial steaming helps in achieving a clearer and more radiant skin tone if your skin is really congested.

When we cleanse our face it’s important to have the right water temperature, not too cold and not too hot. Maffi Clinics advise that for facial washing the best temperature to use is warm. Cold water is not able to properly remove the daily dirt and hot water can dry skin out and cause sensitivity. Warm water is perfect as it helps loosen grime while preserving skin’s natural hydrating oils. There has been a rise in facial cleansing devices such as using electric brushes to cleanse skin. These can be nice on occasion, but we do not recommend using them daily as they can be harsh to skin. Our hands and fingers are great to cleanse skin as the precise and nimble movements mean that we can work on the areas of our face that are clogged and in need of extra cleansing, and using our hands and fingers helps to dislodge grime from our pores.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water helps cleanse our internal systems and will facilitate clear skin. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day, and there is no need to drink excessive water, we just need enough water to keep our systems and skin hydrated. The Manna Hydration Blog state that drinking enough water helps you combat many skin complaints by helping our digestive system to flush out toxins from the body. This then enhances our skin for a healthy glowing complexion.

Keep Hands Clean

We use our hands for so many tasks including cleaning our face, so it is easy to transfer dirt particles to our skin. One of the easiest ways to help keep our complexions clear is to keep our hands clean. Use a kind hand wash or soap to clean hands and under the nails regularly throughout the day as needed, and especially before cleaning the face or applying face products.

Avoid Touching Your Face

This can be a hard one to follow. When we have a spot, we tend to want to touch it, and check on it. But it’s best to avoid unnecessary touching of our face, as this transfers grime to our skin and can aggravate spots. Grime does not necessarily cause spots, but if we have open pores then when dirt reaches them it can cause them to be spots and blackheads. Try to leave spots and blackheads as much as possible as squeezing them opens the pores and this can be permanent damage, because the skin may not return to its pre-squeezed closed state. Net Doctor advise that you should not squeeze blackheads. Often the pore holding the blackhead just stretches when squeezed, and can then look worse that before when debris returns. Squeezing a spot can push the inflammation deeper and this can cause scarring of the skin.

Eat Good Foods

It’s now well known that too much sugar, dairy, gluten or alcohol in the diet stop skin looking it’s best. It’s not so much that these foods cause spots, but more that if we have too much, they weaken our systems and our skin; so make is susceptible to problems. Instead, keep skin strong and clear with more foods that are high in antioxidants like fruits and vegetables, such as berries, spinach and broccoli. Protein is also important for clear skin as well because it is an essential component of it. WebMD say that Protein is an important part of every cell in the body and is used to build and repair skin tissues. Healthy fats are also essential for good skin, so include these from ingredients such as avocados and coconut oil.

Only Use Natural Skincare Products

Using natural skincare products as opposed to conventional chemical formulas is important, as they work holistically with skin. Some chemical ingredients found in many skincare products can be toxic to our systems, or at best irritating. We know it’s confusing as there is a lot of green washing around natural beauty products. Always look carefully at the ingredients listing, some of the ingredients are easy to spot as potential irritants such as parabens and artificial colour, however, we have found that some ingredients are thought to be natural when they are not. This is especially noticed with two of the most well-known anti-ageing ingredients which are retinol and ascorbic acid. Retinol is derived from vitamin A and ascorbic acid is derived from vitamin C, but they are synthetically made and can be aggravating to skin. Although they may not directly cause spots, they disrupt the natural harmony of skin and skin can react to this. Instead use natural anti-ageing skincare such as our Nakin range, which beautifies skin using high performing plant actives and is kind to even sensitive skin.

Get Good Quality Sleep

Sleep is the time when our systems heal, repair and recover. Everyday Health state that a good night's sleep can mean good skin. This is because when we are sleep-deprived our body makes more of the stress hormone cortisol. We will all have noticed that when we are stressed our skin may have issues or breakout. Getting a good night's sleep is important for skin and overall health and wellbeing. Seven to nine hours sleep a night is the recommended amount, but we are all unique with different requirements. The quality of sleep is also important, so less hour’s deep sleep is better than many hours of interrupted sleep.

Keep Sheets and Towels Clean

Our sheets and towels build up grime so that when we use our towels or sleep in our bed dirt is transferred to our skin. Dr G Goldenburg, Director of Dermatology at The Dermatology Faculty Practice advises that dirty sheets are loaded with bacteria that increase the chances of acne and clogging pores.

We hope that you found our tips helpful for achieving clear skin naturally. At Nakin we dedicate all of our work to natural beauty and you can find out more about us at www.nakinskincare.com Our full range is made in the UK and cruelty free. It contains everything that you need for a good skincare regime, and the products are kind to even sensitive skin.

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