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How to Get A Healthy Bronzed Glow

How to Get A Healthy Bronzed Glow

One of the easiest ways to get a bronzed glow without a real tan is by applying good skincare followed by bronzer makeup. A healthy bronzed glow always starts with good skin care and Nakin have some of the best skincare products for this. At Nakin we do not have makeup in our collection, however there are lots of great natural brands that offer bronzers and other essentials. Read on to find out how to easily achieve a healthy bronzed glow.

One of the key ways to get a healthy bronzed glow is to have beautifully cleansed and hydrated skin and Nakin’s natural skincare is perfect for this. Nakin’s products are designed to give that gorgeous lit from within look. We have a range of cleansers, creams and treatments that helps skin to look as good as it can naturally. Good skincare is essential for a healthy gorgeous, bronzed glow and is always the first place to start. It helps to achieve that genuinely glowy look but without heaps of make-up. Use the products in the list below as a starting point for any make-up application, and then again at night to wake up with soft hydrated glowing skin.

  • Start with our Advanced Cleansing Milk to clear grime and make-up without stripping, for a soft fresh look. Or use our Rejuvenating Face Wash to cleanse skin with a foaming product.
  • Then use our Purifying Face Toner which completes cleansing by purifying and toning the face and neck.
  • One of the easiest ways to get a great natural glow from skincare is with good exfoliation and our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is the perfect partner for this.
  • Next is time for the Performance Face Serum which is a multi-treatment for an uneven skin tone, hydration and lines.
  • Follow the serum with our sublime Revitalising Face Oil to deeply condition and nourish the facial area.
  • To wake up and hydrate the eyes our Eye Cream Complex contains a multitude of goodness in a gorgeous springy formula.
  • Next is time to lock in the hydration and Nakin face creams sink in really quickly to create the most perfect base for any makeup. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin and for skin on the dry side the Active Dew Face Cream is more hydrating. They are both like a moisture burst for skin, but without greasiness.
  • Lastly no glowy look would be complete without soft hydrated lips and our Lip Treatment Balm is a must for this. It contains loads of lovely ingredients like shea and argan, plus the super hydrating formula is great even for chapped lips.

Once the skin is fully prepared with skincare it is time to add some subtle colour to achieve a beautiful natural glow. You might be happy going bare faced without foundation, or if you do like some coverage then use a natural subtle tinted option, to keep the look hydrated and natural. The next product is key to the whole look and is a bronzer and so this is a really good place to start for most of us. Use a natural bronzer to avoid putting those harsh chemicals on skin. The trick with bronzer is to get that authentic really gorgeous healthy look.

Liquid and cream bronzers can be easier to achieve a subtle hydrated look that is easy to blend. It’s about having perfect skin, but without looking dry or shiny. Use a bronzer that gives quite good coverage and is the right shade for your skin, not too light and not too dark. Cream bronzers are best applied with a fluffy brush and popped onto the cheeks and blended in well. Most bronzers are pretty full proof when applied with a large brush, just take care to apply the same amount of product on each side, and to exactly the same places, as the symmetry is very flattering.

Most good bronzers have light reflective pigments which mean that it looks beautiful and can also hide any bad blending, so with a little care you cannot really go wrong. The product should leave skin looking soft and velvety on the skin. After the cheek area apply some bronzer to the temples and into the hair line, plus in the indent underneath the cheek bones, then along the jaw line and to the eye creases. Finish with a subtle swipe across the forehead and nose, plus onto the neck, just to keep the look matching the face with no obvious difference. Applying the product to these areas instead of all over the face gives the complexion different depths, which makes for a natural sun kissed look. For the rest of the make-up keep it simple and easy with some mascara and a touch of highlighter to the top of the cheek bones, inner eye area and top of the eyes.

Maintaining a proper face care routine can serve as the foundation for radiant, healthy skin. By consistently cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising the skin, one ensures that the complexion remains fresh and free of impurities. Additionally, incorporating a quality bronzer into one's make-up regimen can enhance this natural glow. A bronzer adds a warm, sun-kissed hue to the skin, mimicking the effects of a gentle tan. This combination of diligent skincare and the strategic use of bronzer can result in a lovely, glowing appearance that exudes vitality and health.

There you have it, a quick and easy way to get a natural healthy bronzed glow. We really hope you have enjoyed reading this article and to find out more about our anti-ageing skincare then take a look around our website.

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