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How to Exfoliate Skin with a Liquid Exfoliator

How to Exfoliate Skin with a Liquid Exfoliator

Exfoliators have been around for a long time and are an easy way to deeply cleanse the face and neck by removing dead skin cells and leaving fresh healthy-looking cells, plus a smooth fresh youthful complexion. Traditionally granular grain exfoliators were always used but we now know that these can actually cause more harm than good, as they scratch skin which can cause damage and irritation. This is a big no for skincare as it should always be about supporting the skin, and anything that can cause irritation has the potential to throw it off balance, which can take a long time to heal and correct. So modern ranges like our Nakin Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare take a different approach by using liquid exfoliators which are so much easier and simpler to use, but also a good one like our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic is kind to skin, while offering exceptional performance at the same time.

Liquid exfoliators are an effective tool for getting rid of dead skin cells and restoring a healthy-looking complexion. Liquid exfoliators work by using chemical or natural ingredients to dissolve bonds between the layer of dead skin cells and the healthy living ones underneath. This process is known as chemical exfoliation, and it can leave your skin feeling softer and smoother than ever before.

For those that are new to liquid exfoliators you might be wondering how to actually use them. The process is very simple and the same as you would use our Purifying Face Toner, although not as regularly. So, where a toner would be used morning and evening, an exfoliator would usually be used once a day, and night-time is probably the best time, as it helps with skin renewal when we sleep. We should say that every liquid exfoliator is different, and the instructions would need to be followed for every product. But for Nakin here are the steps to using our liquid exfoliator.

Here's how to use our liquid exfoliator:

  1. Start with clean skin. Before applying to your face, be sure to wash away dirt, oil, makeup and other impurities with a gentle cleanser like our Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash.
  2. Every evening apply the exfoliator onto a cotton pad and then wipe all over the face and neck area, avoid getting it too close to your eyes or mouth. There is no need to rinse off. You can use the exfoliator nightly, or less if required.
  3. Apply treatments and face creams such as our Performance Face Serum, Revitalising Face Oil, plus natural eye care and moisturisers.
  4. Always apply sunscreen during the day, to protect your renewed complexion from sun damage.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that you're using your liquid exfoliant correctly and getting the most out of it. This will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and looking more radiant than ever before. Our exfoliator is a lovely product and just one of our anti-ageing face products which can all be found online.

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