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How to Dry Skin Brush the Face and Body

How to Dry Skin Brush the Face and Body

Dry body brushing is one of the most ancient beauty practices around. It is actually an ayurvedic method of brushing skin that stimulates the lymphatic system, which is really beneficial for us. It invigorates the body by increasing the circulation and blood flow, as well as cleansing and improving lymphatic drainage. It also exfoliates skin, helping with dry areas and evening skin tone, and even improving cellulite. It really is a beneficial beauty treatment, and this is why it has many celebrity fans, such as Gwyneth Paltrow. At Nakin we are obsessed with natural beauty which is why we developed our award-winning natural skincare, so we especially love dry body brushing, as it is such a natural way to keep ourselves looking and feeling great.

Dry body brushing is also an incredibly relaxing and affordable all over body treatment. All you need is one dry brush for your face and one for your body. We recommend natural vegan ones made with vegetable fibre bristles. You can get synthetic bristles, but they are quite hard on skin, there are also lots of brushes made from boar hair, but we prefer the vegan vegetable option. There are all sorts of different shape brushes available, but for the body we recommend one with a long wooden handle. The wood is of course natural, and a long handle means that you can more easily get to those hard-to-reach places, like the back area. As the face and neck are more delicate than the rest of the body it is best to purchase a special facial dry brush for these areas. They are smaller, softer and kinder to the face.

How to Dry Skin Brush the Face

We recommend dry brushing the face when it is clean, but completely dry. If the face has skin products on, then it will stop the facial brush building the required friction to work as best possible. For the face and neck simply work the brush in circulator motions covering every part for a minute or two. Take care to avoid any irritated areas. Your face and neck may tingle and become redder, which is completely normal as it is being stimulated and there is increased blood flow. Dry brushing is great for the face; however, it still benefits from the application of highly effective face products. At Nakin we have a gorgeous range of products as below, which are all made from high performance plant actives.

How to Dry Skin Brush the Body

As with the facial area we recommend dry brushing the body when it is clean, but also dry and without any creams or oils on it.  The easiest way to dry brush the body is to use gentle sweeping movements from the furthest points and moving towards the heart. So, start with the hands and feet, also working up the legs and arms. Cover all the areas of skin but avoid the groin and breast area. Continue for a few minutes and take care to avoid any irritated areas.

We hope that you enjoyed our article about dry body brushing. This ancient beauty practice has so many benefits for the face and body that we should all do it if we can. We should just mention that the methods we have described are simple well-known ways to use dry brushes. However, there are more complex methods that are completely aligned with the exact lymphatic drainage pathways. These can be found on the web, or sometimes come as part of the instructions when purchasing a face or body brush. Dry brushing is also anti-ageing to skin, which is another reason that we love it. To find out more about us and our anti-ageing skincare then take a look at our website.

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