How to Care for Mature Oily Skin

How to Care for Mature Oily Skin

Most people think of mature skin as being dry, however, oily and combination skin is still very common at this age. It is true that after menopause our skin usually gets dry and needs products with lots of hydration and moisture in them. This is not always the case though as skin can stay oily, or even become oilier. If you are looking for some ideas on how to care for oily mature skin then you are in the right place at Nakin, as we have a natural anti-ageing skincare range that includes a collection of amazing face products that work for all skin types, including customers with oily mature skin.

Most of our products are for all skin types and some are more for oilier skin, like our Matt Formula Face Cream. It is great for normal, oily, combination and sensitive skin. Despite it not having a dewy finish the Matt Formula Face Cream is still really moisturising, but without any greasiness. This is because we use high quality plant ingredients, that all skin types love. It is filled with balancing skin hydrators, nourishers and protectors like hyaluronic acid, cassia, argan, jojoba and baobab oil. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is for both day and night use as it does not contain SPF, which is usually not enough protection when in a face cream, plus it is filled with actives and extracts that benefit skin in both the day and night.

For an easy simple routine for oilier and mature skin types, we would recommend the below:

  • Start with either the Advanced Cleansing Milk or Rejuvenating Face Wash and follow with our Purifying Face Toner if desired.
  • Then apply our Eye Cream Complex which contains lots of botanical extracts, a line smoothing peptide and natural hydrators to improve the skin around the eyes, plus is fragrance free.
  • Next you can use our Matt Formula Face Cream to hydrate, nourish and protect.

You can find everything here where we also have serums and lip care Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection | Nakin Skincare

If you are someone who has oily skin but also wants to protect your skin from premature ageing, then you are not alone. Many people struggle with trying to balance the excess oil production on their face while also preventing fine lines, wrinkles and tired skin. 

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin - two proteins responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic. This leads to the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. At the same time, our sebaceous glands can continue to produce excess oil, leading to oily skin. So, we need face products that balance oily skin but are still anti-ageing. We hope that you find Nakin works well for you.

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