How To Calm Stressed Skin

How To Calm Stressed Skin

Most of us will experience stressed skin at some point and it can be distressing, especially if it occurs on the face or neck. The good news is that it is easy to calm stressed skin with some love and attention, plus caring products like Nakin’s Natural Skincare. Read on to find out how.

Our skin can become stressed from a number of reasons, but it is usually from lifestyle factors, hormones or psychological stress. Natural changes in our hormones affect skin massively and can cause breakouts, dryness or irritation. A turbulent lifestyle with long working hours and lack of sleep can do the same, and a poor diet means that skin does not have the internal nourishment it needs to combat stressful situations. All of this can result in our skin suffering. Working to improve any stressful factors can help restore calm and balance to the skin, plus strengthen it to better withstand them. The other important way to restore and maintain calm in skin is to use the best calming skincare products to heal and defend the face and neck. Nakin’s calming anti-ageing skincare routine helps skin to look as good as it can using nourishing plant extracts. These work to reduce dry irritated and itchy areas, redness and pigmentation, lines and wrinkles, plus dull tired looking skin. See how our facial skincare range can help to improve your skin below. We are thrilled to say that Nakin’s face products help to heal any SOS skin issues through gentle but effective cleansers, face treatments and creams.

  • Cleansing the face can be one of the biggest causes of stress to the skin. This is because many face cleansers contain strong detergents that can be too much for our face and neck. That is why at Nakin we only have kind natural face cleansers that are lovely for even sensitive skin.
  • A good serum and oil can do wonders to instantly improved stressed skin and our award winning natural face treatments are perfect for this. They are filled with caring plant ingredients that have so much goodness for skin. Of these our Revitalising Face Oil is properly our ultimate product to calm stressed skin, as the nurturing oils sinks into the skin cells to restore and comfort.
  • Moisturisers work to lock all that goodness and hydration into skin and part of this means helping to defend the skin barrier from stress. Our natural moisturisers are packed with special ingredients to do just this and leave skin feeling rested and super soft.
  • The delicate eye area can easily become dry and irritated and our natural eye cream always works to calm the skin around the eyes, as well as enhancing it in many ways.
  • Lips should never be forgotten as they are subject to lots of stress on a daily basis. See our award-winning natural lip care for soft, hydrated and calm lips.

Using Nakin’s products together gives skin the best chance to stay in good condition, plus looking and feeling great. See our full natural anti-ageing products face range for everything needed in a good routine.

Stressed skin benefits from the enhancing care that great natural skincare products provide, but it also needs to be matched with a healthy lifestyle. This includes taking time to unwind, exercising, eating healthily and keeping hydrated. Our mind, skin and body are intricately connected and so stress in one area affects us as a whole. Staying health means that our body and mind can better shield against the damaging effects of stress. At Nakin we believe in living a natural lifestyle and our stunning face care is one part of this. Find out more about us in the links below.

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