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How To Calm Inflamed Skin on the Face

How To Calm Inflamed Skin on the Face

Many of us will at some point experience inflammation on the skin on our face. Our skin tends to get more susceptible to it as the years go by and it can show up as reddened irritated skin. This is often on the cheeks but can be anywhere on the face and might show up as a tingling, itchy, tight or burning feeling. Some inflamed skin conditions will need professional medical treatment and so you will need to seek medical advice, however, if it is mild inflammation then you could try to calm it and see if it has any effect.

We seem to hear more about this type of sensitive skin issue and often wonder if some of it it is due to the rise in synthetic at home anti-ageing treatments. There are so many skin care products that can contribute to inflamed irritated skin such as enzyme peels, acid toners, retinol, synthetic vitamin C, foaming face washes, or products with artificial fragrance. At Nakin we believe in natural skincare products that are free from these types of ingredients and our products are always made with sensitive skin in mind. Skin can also become irritated from allergies, extreme weather conditions and even stress.

If your skin is experiencing inflammation, then as a start we suggest getting a damp cool gentle cloth and placing it over the irritated area. This will immediately cool the skin down. Then it is time to think about what the cause might be, especially if it is a rare occurrence. This is important because if it is due to an allergy then it's important to stop using whatever is causing the issue. For serious skin inflammation then always seek medical advice.

For mild skin irritation then we recommend using our Natural Face Oil which is a special product that works wonders on irritated, sensitive, red and inflamed skin. It contains 100% natural plant goodness, and the ingredients are Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Baobab, Argan, Jojoba, Peach Oil, and Vitamin E, as well as a mild natural fragrance. It helps to heal skin quickly with the properties listed below.

  • It is one of the best face oils that helps to bypass and speed up natural skin recovery with its unbeatable blend of vitamins, minerals and omega oils.
  • The oil contains skin boosting ingredients like Jojoba, that are most similar to our own skin and mimic what we already naturally have in our sebum.
  • The amazing properties of special oils like baobab, argan and peach are ingredients that can transform, repair and heal skin.
  • It is also an anti-ageing face oil making it a superhero product in sensitive skin regeneration.
  • The oil is a super gentle and effective formula, with lots of soothing hydration.
  • This oil is not just for use when skin is inflamed and is perfect for everyday skin boosting to keep the face and neck calm, nourished and happy. It can be applied directly onto skin in the morning and evening, and as required if skin is particularly sore.
  • The 100% natural formula has nothing that will irritate the skin, although as with any natural oil please check the ingredients to ensure there are no allergies.
  • It focuses on repairing sensitive, dry, normal, oily and combination skin plus healing whatever is lacking. Irritated skin is replenished by strengthening the skin's barrier and natural structure. It even helps with mild sunburn and past sun damage.
  • After use there should be an immediate calming effect as it gets to work healing skin, and this continues to improve over time with regular use.

Please note that if you are prone to reactions from face products then we recommend always carrying out a small patch test on your face before using more of the product. We suggest carrying this out on your face because often the facial skin is the most sensitive, and even more so than the skin on our necks. Our face tends to have to contend which much more in terms of the products we put on it and its general exposure to the world, which can make it more sensitive and vulnerable. That is not to say that our neck does not need extra care, it definitely does and is thinner than the skin on the rest of our body.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about calming irritated skin. Once your skin has fully recovered and to help skin looking as good as it can then we recommend long term use of the best anti-ageing skincare products, plus keeping skin protected with moisturisers and using SPF when outside. There are so many causes of sensitive skin and we do also recommend seeking professional medical advice in case the cause is something serious. Always patch test new products fully to ensure that they are suited to your skin. Plus remember to always seek professional medical advice for skin inflammation that is more than a minor issue.

Face oils might be able to help calm mild inflammation on the skin due to their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Many natural face oils, such as those derived from plants, contain nutrients and essential fatty acids that can reduce redness and irritation. When applied, these oils form a protective barrier that locks in moisture while simultaneously delivering nutrients to the skin, encouraging healing and reducing overall discomfort. Additionally, the gentle nature of these oils makes them suitable for sensitive skin, providing a natural and effective remedy for inflammation without the harsh side effects often associated with synthetic treatments.

To find out more about Nakin then visit us at the links below. Our face products are always made with sensitive skin in mind and we have a full range of award-winning face care.

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