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How To Calm Inflamed Skin

How To Calm Inflamed Skin

If your skin is red or inflamed, then we have some tips to help instantly calm it down. We should say that this is for mild inflammation and for anything more it is best to consult a medical professional. Read on to find out our simple tips to calm inflamed skin.

If you have red or inflamed skin, then our tips should help to bring this down and get skin back to a safe calm place. One of the modern methods for this is to treat your skin to an LED mask, which are great for skin by delivering infrared light. The light has a calming effect and really helps to soothe and brighten it, plus it can provide a slight lift. It is also lovely to use if it is early in the morning and you are feeling tired, to give a good start to the day as well as a skin glow.

If your skin is inflamed, then it is essential to use a gentle cleansing product. Cleansers traditionally contain quite strong ingredients for the skin, and this is why we always recommend using a kind natural one like Nakin’s Advanced Cleansing Milk. It is much gentler on skin than other face cleansers but still effectively removes make-up, debris, SPF, and some dead skin cells. The gentle plant cleansers are calming and hydrating, so skin gets all the freshness, but it is kind to sensitive skin and hydrating to dry skin.

Our absolute favourite product for inflamed skin is our Nakin Revitalising Face Oil which contains a concentrate of plant oils that are incredibly calming and boosting to the face and neck. You can pat or massage it into skin and adjust the dose according to how your skin is feeling. If you skin is feeling really delicate, then it is best to pat the oil in, taking care to reach all areas, except being too close to the eye.

Lastly, our tip to calm inflamed skin is to use a metal cooling facial massaging device. The metal is naturally cold and can even be kept in the fridge before use for a more instant powerful treatment. The device can then be massaged all over the face and neck to stimulate the skin and improve its condition and tone.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about calming inflamed skin. These are some easy tips that can have a big impact on mild inflamed skin. For anything more serious or long-lasting contacting a medical professional is the best option.

At Nakin our full range of skincare is kind to sensitive skin and helps to offer comfort and nourishment. Find out more about our range and products below.

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