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How To Brighten Dull Skin

How To Brighten Dull Skin

Dull skin is something that many of us will face at some point and it tends to be more prevalent in the winter months. The good news is that there is lots of things that can be used to brighten dull skin and restore it back to full health. The other good thing is that it can all be achieved affordably with a small amount of care and attention, plus the right natural skincare products. Some simple but effective ways to brighten dull skin include through facial massage, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, getting good sleep, exercising and using good face products.

Dull skin can be categorised as when the skin has lost its radiance. It can show up as a dry and lacklustre complexion where the skin will struggle to reflect light properly, which leaves it looking dull. When it comes to using skincare to brighten the complexion the trick is to ensure the face is cleansed and exfoliated effectively and then to provide skin with movement, moisture and nourishment. This will stimulate the skin layers and provide cells with the nutrition it needs to look its best. Read on to see our easy-to-follow skincare tips to bring dull skin back to life, for a bright fresh complexion.

  • Cleansing effectively and twice daily is hugely important to prevent and restore dull skin. At Nakin our cleansers are designed to clean skin beautifully so that it looks clear and fresh. Dull skin can come about from a build-up of dead skin cells and so we particularly recommend exfoliating the face. Exfoliating skin and then applying high quality face treatments like Nakin’s afterwards is one of the quickest ways to transform dull skin. Our award-winning natural anti-ageing face cleansers can be found here and our cleansing milk can be used to exfoliate when removed with a muslin cloth.
  • Using face treatments such as serums and oils can transform dry lifeless skin by imparting deep hydration and nutrition into it. At Nakin we have stunning natural anti-ageing face treatments that show immediate positive effects for dull skin. Our face oil can also be used for a facial massage, and this is another fast and effective way to dramatically improve dull skin as massage is so stimulating for skin.
  • No face care routine is complete without using a natural anti-ageing moisturiser. Like all of our products we fill our face creams with the best plant actives and extracts to bring skin back to life. Face creams also do an important job in protecting the face and neck from further damage. This is an essential aspect in preventing dull skin as things like pollution can contribute to it. 
  • The skin around our eyes can often look dull and may also have darkness, so using a good eye cream is vital to keep the skin in this area hydrated and nourished. Discover our award-winning natural anti-ageing eye cream to see how it can hydrate and smooth skin, as well as reducing puffing and dark circles.
  • Our lips have a beautiful colour to them and so it can be hard to know if they are showing dullness. But if they are dry, sensitive or cracked then it is likely that they are not showing the life and colour that they should. We have a beautiful natural anti-ageing lip product that is able to rejuvenate even the driest of lips.

As can be seen, having radiant skin can be achieved easily with the right care and attention. Nakin are dedicated to helping skin to overcome dullness to leave it looking soft and youthful. We have a full range of skincare and our collection of natural anti-ageing products can be found online.

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