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How To Apply Lip Balm

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How To Apply Lip Balm

For many of us lip balm is an essential inclusion in our daily beauty routine, and something that we do not go anywhere without. This is because our lips are susceptible to getting dry and damaged. Luckily lip balms are nice and small, so fit into even the tiniest pocket or handbag. Our lips are used so much throughout the day for talking and eating, and they are rarely covered up from the elements and stressors like pollution. This all adds up to a lot of potential wear and tear. They also often get forgotten about when it comes to things like sunscreen, even though the sun is one of the biggest causes of ageing to lips and causes loss of volume and wrinkles. Using a good lip balm like our 100% Natural Lip Treatment Balm will give lips hydration, nutrients and protection. This helps lips to do their work without getting sore, dry and uncomfortable. Plus keep them looking soft and plump. But is there a science to applying lip balm correctly? If you want to get the most from your lip balm then follow our steps below, with step by step directions on how to apply lip balm.

  1. When you are at home take some time to prepare lips before applying the balm. If you have dry flaky skin on them, then a gentle exfoliation with a muslin cloth will be beneficial.
  2. Use an amazing natural lip balm like our award-winning Lip Treatment Balm, which is one of the best for dry lips and plumps at the same time.
  3. Cover the whole lip area and do not forget about the edges and the pout.
  4. Re-apply as required throughout the day, although the best lip balms should be long lasting.
  5. Apply lip balm before bedtime as even though our lips get to rest at night, the best anti-ageing balms will help to heal and rejuvenate dryness and damage.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about how to apply lip balm to lips. It seems like the simplest part of our beauty routine - but taking time to apply lip balm correctly will help to keep lips soft, plump and looking fab. Lip balms are just one of many parts of a beauty routine, and having gorgeous lips will also help to keep lipstick coloured products looking good. Even the nicest lipstick will never look great on dry flaky lips. If you love gorgeous lips and skin, then the important thing is to use the best skincare products.

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