How To Apply Face Oil

How To Apply Face Oil

At Nakin we are obsessed with natural skincare and there is not many things that are more kinder and beneficial to skin than a natural face oil. As with everything, in order to get the best from your face oil, it should be applied correctly. There are probably many methods used for applying oils to the face and neck, and this is just Nakin’s guide to getting the best from your face oil. Follow our steps below on how to apply your face oil and get the most out of it.

How To Apply a Facial Oil

  1. The first step is to pick a good quality 100% natural face like our Revitalising Face Oil. It is for all skin types including sensitive skin and is made with amazing plant oils to calm, energise and condition skin. We believe that ours is one of the best face oils in the UK and it is also cruelty free.
  2. Before applying your face oil treatment, ensure that your face is properly cleansed. Our natural Advanced Cleansing Milk is brilliant for removing make-up and daily dirt morning and evening, while being kind and without stripping skin. Or use our Rejuvenating Face Wash. After the cleansing milk or wash would be our natural Purifying Face Toner to remove the last traces of cleanser, revive and detox skin. Use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic for all your exfoliation needs. Having clear skin means that it can better benefit from the powerful plant actives applied in the oil.
  3. If you use both a face oil and serum, then now is the time to apply your natural face serum to the face and neck. Leave out the eye area as a natural eye cream is much better for the delicate skin near the eyes.
  4. Now is time for face oil to go on, so pump out 1 to 2 pumps. There are then two choices to apply it to skin. The first is to dot the oil all over the face and neck and then gently smooth it around, ensuring all areas are covered. This is important as it is easy to miss off areas like those close to the ears, or above the lips. When smoothing the oil over your face and neck, take care not to rub it, as this can stretch the skin. The other option for applying the face oil is to gently spread it on the inner finger pads and then pat it all over the face and neck. Our Revitalising Face Oil is incredibly anti-ageing and both application methods work well to boost and rejuvenate skin. Once the face oil is applied it is the perfect time to give your face a quick massage. There are so many natural face massage tools available that help to get the circulation moving and clear puffiness from the skin. An easy fast method is to just press all over your face and neck with the pads of your fingers.
  5. Once face treatments have been applied, it is time to protect and hydrate skin with moisturisers. Our natural Matt Formula Face Cream is a moisturiser for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin. It provides long lasting smooth hydration without greasiness. The natural Active Dew Face Cream is for dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin. It gives a dewier finish with a long-lasting formula. The last step is to apply a lip product like our 100% natural Lip Treatment Balm.
  6. Face oils can also be used for many other purposes, such as cleansing, directly onto dry patches, highlighting the face, and smoothing out brows.

It is worth mentioning that some people prefer to mix a face oil with their face cream which is also fine, whatever you feel is best for your skin is properly the right thing to do for you.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about the best way to apply face oil to the face and neck. A good natural face oil will have a high price due to the large amount of beautiful plant oils within it. So, it is important to use them correctly and get the most out of them. Combining a high-quality product with the right application method will do wonders for your skin. The important thing is to also always use the best skincare products.

Nakin are dedicated to achieving beautiful skin at every age using the best natural ingredients. To find out more about Nakin and our award winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK. If you would like to get in touch with Nakin then please email us at info@nakinskincare.com We would love to hear your thoughts and are also available to offer skincare and product advice.

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