How To Apply Eye Cream

How To Apply Eye Cream

In order to get the most out of our skincare products, we should apply them in the right way. This allows us to utilise the product to its fullest potential, and also make sure that we do not cause any damage to skin. The skin around our eyes is really delicate and so it needs some special care. Follow the steps below detailing to how apply eye cream correctly.

  1. The first thing to do is make sure the skin is prepared well to receive the eye cream. This involves cleansing and toning the face using natural products like Nakin Skincare. Freshly cleansed skin will be most receptive and ready to the absorb eye cream.
  2. Before actually applying the eye cream make sure that you have a great eye product. The skin around the eyes needs special care as it takes on a lot in the form of lines, puffing and dark circles. It is also susceptible to dryness and irritation. So, make sure you have the best eye cream you can. In our view this will be a natural eye cream that contains a mass of botanical extracts to hydrate, reduce puffing and dark circles, plus blur out lines.
  3. Open the eye cream and tap a small amount on your ring fingers. It is important to use your ring finger as the pressure will be the lightest. Then gently tap the product 360 degrees all around the eye orbital bone of each eye simultaneously. Take your time and be sure to distribute the product evenly, so the cream reaches the whole eye area. This light tapping is also very stimulating for the skin, and the eye area, to help improve circulation. Take care not to go too close to the eye, as this could cause irritation. A good eye cream will have a light spongy consistency that will naturally seep to cover more of the skin.
  4. Apply eye cream every morning and evening to cleansed skin, to provide eyes with ongoing care and treatment.

We should just say that as with everything in life, there are different approaches and opinions on the best way to apply eye cream. This feature outlines our recommendations at Nakin. At Nakin we dedicate our work to helping skin look as good as it can naturally. In our special natural anti-ageing skincare range we have a collection of amazing facial products. This includes a stunning award-winning natural eye cream created with the best eye boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, seaweed and hibiscus. This means our anti-ageing eye cream can help improve the usual eye beauty concerns. This includes eye bags, sagging, crows’ feet, dehydration, irritation, lines and wrinkles. The botanicals plump and hydrate skin around the eyes, plus stimulate the circulation. Our cruelty-free eye cream is a one stop solution for all of your eye concerns. It is also easily absorbed and leaves skin around the eyes looking and feeling lovely. The light springy formula means that one jar lasts for a long time. To shop the full Nakin range, take a look at our face products here. Everything is ethically made, cruelty free and made in the UK.

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