How To Apply Bronzer

How To Apply Bronzer

As we head into the colder months our skin can look more pale and lacklustre than normal, and one of the simplest ways to give your complexion a boost is to sweep some bronzer over it. Bronzer actually looks lovely all year round and is such a quick way to bring a little colour to our complexions.

Bronzer can help to give skin a healthy look all year round, and the trick to achieving a subtle glow is to apply bronzer properly. There is always some confusion and debate over how to apply bronzer, and what is the best way to do it to avoid a fake tan gone wrong look. So, if you are interested then read on to find out how to apply bronzer correctly. At Nakin we are huge advocates in healthy living and this is why we produce award-winning natural skincare. We also believe in all things natural beauty, so using a natural bronzer is also recommended. These days there is lots of choice available. There is no need to fear using bronzer.

Follow the steps below to find out the best way to choose and apply your bronzer. The pre-steps though involve using good skincare products like ours to prep and hydrate the skin, which helps the bronzer to look its best. At Nakin our how cleansers, treatments and moisturisers help to prep the face for make-up. Our range of skincare products encompasses different cleansers, treatments, and moisturisers which have lovely ingredients to to ensure the face is optimally prepped for makeup application. Start with the cleansers to gently remove impurities and excess oil and create a clean and receptive canvas. The treatments then target specific skin concerns and work to improve texture and tone, making the skin smoother and more even. Lastly, the moisturisers provide deep hydration, plumping the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, helping to ensure that makeup glides on seamlessly and stays fresh for longer. Combined, these products lay the foundation for a flawless makeup finish.

  1. Pick the Right Colour Bronzer

Sometimes bronzers can look a bit scary when they are a really deep colour, but these days there is so much choice and colour range available. It should not be too hard to find something to suit everyone whatever your skin colour, from very pale to very dark tones. When choosing a product, pick a bronzer that suits your skin undertone; be it fair, olive or darker, plus do not go too much darker than your actual skin tone. The aim of the bronzer is to give a sun kissed glow to skin, so anything too dark can look unnatural. Trust your instincts when picking a colour and narrow down some colour options. Once you have a few options the best thing to do is to hold them up to your chest and assess which one works best for your skin colour. Spend some time assessing this and work out the one that most compliments your skin colour, and is going to enhance your look the most. Your colour choice will also depend on how natural looking that you want your make-up to be, so there is always an element of personal preference when choosing the right bronzer colour.

Some bronzers are also used as a contour tool. Remember that the aim of the bronzer is to give skin a healthy glow. It differs from foundation which will match your skin colour more closely and provide a flat uniform all-over coverage to skin.  The bronzer then adds some colour dimension and warmth, which brings the complexion to life.  There are also many bronzers that have a hint of shimmer to them, these can look lovely if the shimmer is very subtle. You might find it better to have different bronzers for summer and winter, as a shimmery deep sun-kissed look can look amazing in the summer, but something more subtle might be better for winter. The final choice in bronzer colour is something that enhances your skin tone.

  1. Pick The Right Type Of Bronzer

There is so much choice of bronzer available now including creams, powders and liquids. They can all be as good as each other, so much of the choice is down to personal preference, as well as the type of finish that you prefer. Powders tend to have more of a matt finish, although some of them contain shine with shimmery particles added to the formula. Creams on the other hand tend to have a dewier finish. If your skin is oily, then you may prefer a powder. If your skin is dry, then a liquid or cream bronzer might sit better on your skin. You can usually test out the different options in beauty shops.

  1. Use The Right Brush For The Job

A big fluffy brush is the best choice for a powder bronzer, but a more condensed kabuki brush is better for cream or liquid bronzer application. This is because the shorter stubby bristles allow the product to be better picked up and applied to the face. There are lots of retractable brushes now available and these are great multipurpose bronzer tools. When only a little amount of the brush is showing this more condensed tool head option allows for very precise application, which is great for contouring. When the brush is fully showing this can be better for some liquids. Some bronzers now come in handy stick forms. These can be used to dot bronzer on, but they will still need buffing in with a brush, or you can use fingers. Sponges can also be used and can be good for blending.

  1. Apply The Bronzer Correctly

Once you have the perfect bronzer and tool to use it, all that is left is to apply it correctly, to give your face a healthy amount of colour. Bronzer should be applied to the face where the sun will naturally fall more on your it, which is on the forehead near the hair line, bridge of the nose and the top of the cheek bones. The apple area of the cheeks is more for blusher if you like to use one. The very top part of the cheek bone is where highlighters tend to go.  It is important to remember that everyone has different facial features and a different face shape, so you can adapt the actual bronzer application to suit. It can take some practice to get the right placement on the face.

Bronzers can also sometimes be used to contour the face and make features sharper. For contouring then apply the bronzer on the forehead, cheek dent lines under the cheek bone and along the jaw line. You can use them to make your nose look thinner, by applying bronzer to either side of the nose. The key to applying bronzer is a less is more approach. Always apply bronzer with very good light, so you can easily see how it looks and apply the perfect amount. If you take care to apply small amounts to start with, then you can always add more if needed. After a while of applying bronzer it will get easier and quicker to apply the right amount and in the right places. If you are new to bronzer, then it might be best to have a practice run before actually going out with your new look. This will allow you to experiment with the application and find out how the bronzer will look best for you.

To apply a bronzer powder, start by swirling it around with a big fluffy brush, then tap off the excess and start applying it to the forehead. Swish the brush all around and do not use too much product to start with. You can always add more if needed. Start with the hairline forehead area and buff the bronzer in well, so it is half on your forehead and also going into the hair line. The key is to buff the product in really well, so that it is perfectly blended and natural looking. Then apply bronzer to the cheek area and buff well, plus sweep some on the bridge of the nose. This means that the eye area and the skin surrounding it is lighter and kind of looks like a spotlight is shining on it. You can also contour as mentioned before if you like to. However you like apply the bronzer take care to spend a lot of time buffing it in, so it looks really natural. You may also want to apply some bronzer to the neck to warm up your look all over. Remember the aim of the bronzer is to give you a really beautiful, gorgeous candlelit glow.

Bronzers are perfect for giving skin a quick and easy lift. Other ways to get skin glowing is to use amazing anti-ageing skincare like those in our Nakin range. Because they are made with the best plant actives, that help to boost skin naturally, so it looks its best and is deeply nourished and energised. Having great skin is the perfect way to reduce the amount of make-up you use, but we do love a bronzer for the simple way that it can enhance a look.

We hope that you found our feature helpful about how to apply bronzer. Whatever bronzer that you use, it might take some time and practice to get it right. The important thing is to also have a good base for your make-up and to always use the best skincare products.

Nakin are dedicated to achieving beautiful skin at every age using the best natural ingredients. To find out more about Nakin and our award winning anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin produce natural face products for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The full range can be found here and is designed to help skin to thrive and flourish by using the best plant active ingredients. Everything is cruelty free and made in the UK. If you would like to get in touch with Nakin then please email us at info@nakinskincare.com We would love to hear your thoughts and are also available to offer skincare and product advice.

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