How Facial Exercise Can Make Us Look Younger

How Facial Exercise Can Make Us Look Younger

Facial exercising is a fantastic way to look younger and keep your face and neck lifted and toned. We tend to concentrate on exercising our body and the face and neck is often forgotten. But in the same way that exercise helps to shape our bodies, facial exercise offers the same for our face.

We have forty-three muscles in our face that are just waiting to be worked on. Facial exercises will tone and lift the muscle more than even invasive procedures such as face lifts. This is because although the muscle layer is lifted in a procedure, it does not change the resting tone of the face. At Nakin we are huge advocates of natural anti-ageing skincare and so we prefer to help to improve our looks naturally. We know that cosmetic surgery and invasive treatments are hugely popular, but if you prefer to do things naturally, then facial exercises are an effective way to go. If you do use cosmetic or invasive treatments, then facial exercise can also be used to supplement this work or help to reduce the amount of treatment needed.

The reason that facial exercise is so youth inducing is because it lifts and tones the muscles, which can create a much tighter look to the face, plus reduce sagging. It is also great for skin as it enhances blood flow, brings oxygen to it and boosts collagen production. So, it helps to improve the overall skin tone and also improves the look of areas such as eye bags, forehead lines and a sagging jawline.

The best way to carry out facial exercise is with the instruction of a professional. There are so many expert books written on facial exercise, and easy to follow demonstrations on social media such as Instagram. Look out for a teacher that is qualified, such as a facial yoga instructor. One of the amazing things about facial exercise is that it can be carried out in the comfort of our own. Once you know the exercises it will get easier with practice and need not take a long time. In order to get good results, it is important to follow the exercises a few times a week, and keep this up on a regular basis.

We hope that you found our feature helpful explaining how facial exercise can make us look younger. It might not have such an instant and dramatic effect as a face lift, fillers or Botox can. However, it is really good for improving the look of the face and neck safely, naturally and affordably. It is amazing what we can do with our hands and fingertips, and we love facial exercise as part of a self-care routine. One of our products that we like to use when facial exercising is our natural anti-ageing face oil which is part of our natural anti-ageing skincare collection. Everything is made with the best botanicals and is cruelty free and made in the UK. Our full range of award-winning products can be found online, with everything needed in a face care regime.

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