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How Face Oils Help Sensitive Skin

How Face Oils Help Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin then you might be in despair at how to improve and manage it. Sensitive skin can have a huge variation in symptoms and might be dry, red, itchy, irritated or have a reduced tolerance to skincare products. However, there is one skincare product that can be hugely beneficial to sensitive skin, and this is a natural face oil.

The truth is that conventional synthetic skincare can contain a whole host of ingredients that can aggravate sensitive skin. This is why Nakin always recommend natural skincare such as ours which is made with sensitive skin in mind, and there is one face product that we especially recommend. This is our 100% natural Nakin Revitalising Oil which is made with intensely caring and nurturing plant ingredients, that fill skin with moisture and nourishment and can transform even the most sensitive skin. This is because plant oils have lots of anti-inflammatory and emollient properties which soften and calm skin, they also seep into the skin cells filing them with nourishment and hydration that relieves dryness, flaky and itchy skin.

At Nakin we formulated our natural anti-ageing face oil to help to improve skin on the face and neck in so many ways, and this includes calming and soothing sensitive skin. Our skin tends to get more sensitive and easily irritated as we get older and natural face oils are perfect to bring down inflammation and irritation, helping it to flourish at the same time. The 100% natural formula only contains ingredients that benefit the skin, and it even has a delicate natural scent. It can be described as an ageless botanical booster and includes a unique blend of sweet almond, grape seed, baobab, argan, jojoba and peach kernel oil. Each of these ingredients on their own are fantastic for healing sensitive skin and when combined together they work wonders by offering a hydrating omega blend of skin nutrition to skin.

Despite such a rich formulation the consistency is never greasy and only a small amount is needed to calm and boost skin, so it is left happy and glowing. Our face oil is made in the UK and cruelty free, plus amazing value at £22 for a 50ml bottle. It can be used as part of a skincare routine after cleansing and applying serum, plus before moisturising. Or it can be used directly onto sensitive skin throughout the day as required. After application skin should feel immediate benefits which will improve with continued use. As with all products please conduct a patch test before use as sometimes allergies can occur to even the most natural of ingredients.

We hope that you found our article useful about how face oils help sensitive skin. A good natural face oil will be packed with goodness that can have such a positive effect on sensitive skin. They are very gentle and restoring to skin and we definitely recommend trying a face oil if you are looking to help manage and improve your sensitive skin. To find out more about this topic please visit the sensitive skincare section on our website.

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