How Chakras Improve Our Health & Wellbeing

How Chakras Improve Our Health & Wellbeing

At Nakin we believe in living a natural lifestyle and that our mind and body are all connected, with both needing good health in order for us to thrive. One holistic system that we sometimes forget about is our chakras. So, we thought we would delve more into them to show how they are related to our overall health and wellbeing.

Our chakras are related to different elements of ourselves and when they are functioning well, we feel at peace and content, which helps our wellbeing in many ways. Read on to learn how each chakra effects our wellbeing.

  • The root chakra is about security and stability in our life and when it is not functioning properly, we might be fearful and anxious.
  • The sacral chakra helps us to feel joy and live life to the fullest, when it is not functioning well, we might have negative emotions like guilt.
  • The solar plexus is next, and it gives us the ability to trust. If we have an imbalance here, then we might be scared to take risks or feel we are not good enough.
  • The heart chakra comes after this and is all about being compassionate, loving and generous plus relaxed, and feeling connected to the outside.
  • The throat chakra is all about communicating and being able to speak what is in our heart.
  • The third eye chakra is next and helps us to see things clearly and have clarity in life.
  • The crown chakra gives us freedom in our consciousness so stops us becoming stuck, when it is balanced, we are able to move on from unhealthy attachments to people and thoughts.

Our chakras can become unbalanced if we are subjected to difficulties in our lives and our energic programming is affected. When unbalanced we might respond by increasing more energy or decreasing the energy in the chakra. So, if say our heart chakra is imbalanced from a lack of love, we might compensate by being overly social to try to get love in our life, or retreat by withdrawing from social situations.

When our chakras are balanced then we can should feel stable, healthy, alive and free. Unfortunately, there is no magical cure to heal our chakras. They need to be healed at a root level and it is something that a chakra expert can help with, as there are lots of things that can be done to help. This might be through exercise, yoga, meditation, or using affirmations and bioenergetics to bring the chakras back into balance. There is lots of expert advice out there about how to heal and balance our chakras, and it might be worth investigating if you have an issue that seems to persist.

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