Herbal Toner

Herbal Toner

If you like herbal toners then Nakin have a fantastic one which is our Purifying Face Toner. It’s a beautiful toner that adds so much to the cleansing process and we definitely recommend adding it to your routine. Toners have been somewhat forgotten about in recent years but they can be such lovely products when they contain the right plant ingredients, such as the ones that we use. So if you are interested in a herbal toner read on to see why ours might be the perfect one.

Our herbal toner is a great way to promote healthy skin. It can help balance your skin's natural oils and moisturise without clogging pores, reduce redness and inflammation, improve the overall look and feel of skin, and gently remove dirt, oil, and other impurities. Our herbal toner is made with a mix of excellent toning ingredients including witch hazel, aloe vera and seaweed extract that are excellent skin revivers and contain powerful antioxidants, to protect against environmental damage. With regular use, our herbal toner can help restore the skin's natural balance while also providing protection from free radicals. In addition it has lots of hydrating benefits, and also offers anti-ageing properties that can help condition and tone the face and neck, plus even out skin tone over time.

The other great thing about our herbal toner is that it is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, retinoids, glycolic acid, artificial fragrance and colours, making it kins and gentle enough for everyday use. With its natural ingredients and skin-friendly benefits, our toner is a must-have product in any skin care routine. It is best used after cleansing with our Advanced Cleansing Milk or our Rejuvenating Face Wash which are excellent natural cleansers.

Nakin's herbal toner helps to refine skin texture and balance sebum production, while delivering calming and hydrating effects. Formulated with a blend of active plant extracts, it gently clears dead skin cells and improves the overall appearance of skin tone. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness in sensitive skin. The combination of natural ingredients helps restore moisture levels in the skin, as well as improve its elasticity and firmness. Moreover, this toner removes any residual traces of make-up or dirt from deep within pores to keep your face clean and healthy looking. With regular use, you can expect softer, smoother and more refreshed-looking skin.

Our Nakin Purifying Face Toner is a great facial toning product that can easily be incorporated into any skincare routine. It is made in the UK and has a completely vegan formula, plus is cruelty free registered with the Leaping Bunny scheme.

We hope that you found our herbal toner feature useful and can give your skin the nourishment it needs with our product. At Nakin we use the power of plants in all of our products as we know how powerful they can be in the search for beautiful healthy skin. We have a full range of face products, and everything can be found online in the links below.

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