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Herbal Eye Cream

Herbal Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is some of the most delicate on the whole body, and that is why a herbal eye cream can be such a valuable addition to your natural beauty routine. At Nakin we believe in the power of nature to help to keep skin looking as good as possible, and we have a fantastic herbal product which is our Eye Cream Complex.

There are many different herbs that can be beneficial for the skin around your eyes, and this is why we utilise them in our eye cream. It contains aloe vera and rosemary leaf extract. Aloe vera is known for its calming properties. It can help reduce inflammation and puffiness, and it is also gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. Rosemary leaf extract is an antioxidant that helps to improve the formula with its all-round antioxidant ability.

Our natural anti-ageing eye cream doesn’t just contain herbal botanicals and is filled with all sorts of plant extracts and actives that help to hydrate skin, reduce dark circles, reduce lines, and give a lift to the overall appearance of the eye area. This includes other gorgeous plant ingredients like plant oils and hyaluronic acid

Good herbal eye creams like ours are packed with natural ingredients that help to soothe and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye creams containing herbs are kind to skin so are able to reduce puffiness and dark circles, while also providing much-needed hydration to the area. Herbal extracts can also help to firm and tone the skin, making herbal eye creams an excellent choice for those concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many benefits to using a herbal eye cream. Herbal eye creams can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve circulation, and soothe inflammation. They can also help to brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness.

When choosing a herbal eye cream, it is important to select one that is suitable for your skin type, or use one that is for all skin types like ours. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to choose an eye cream like Nakin’s that is fragrance-free and non-irritating. Customers love our eye cream as it is kind to skin but also contains ingredients that are known to be effective in reducing the signs of ageing. Some of the most popular anti-ageing ingredients include retinoids and Vitamin C. However, these can be irritating and so we never use them at Nakin.

When applying our herbal eye cream use a very small amount. Gently pat the cream around the orbital bone, being careful not to pull or tug at the skin. Allow the cream to absorb into the skin for several minutes and for best results, use our herbal eye cream twice daily, in the morning and evening.

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