Gwyneth Paltrows Morning Skin Routine

Gwyneth Paltrows Morning Skin Routine

We know that Gwyneth Paltrow is obsessed with all things alternative and natural, and it is true to say that she looks amazing. Super healthy and with lovely skin. She is 48 years old and has gorgeous skin and style to match. So, this is one of the reasons we are interested in her skin care regime. We are not sure if Gwyneth knows about our Natural Skincare Range but we are sure that she would love it, given the products that she uses. We take a look at her beauty philosophy and regime below. It is true to say that we are totally in love with her routine and beliefs as it is all about wellness, natural beauty and being comfortable in her own skin.

Gwyneth produced a beauty secrets video for Vogue where she walked through her morning wellness, skin and beauty routine. It is a really lovely feature and we wanted to share our take on it with you. The first thing that Gwyneth does in the morning is to brush her teeth, which is something we all feel better after doing, as it wakes us up and provides that fresh feeling. Next, she makes her morning smoothie, which includes some almond butter and quality protein powder. Gwyneth finds this really helps to have before her morning workout and it is nice to have before exercise as it provides sustained energy. Workouts are part of a beauty routine for Gwyneth as she believes that beauty and Wellness are inextricably linked, and at Nakin we totally agree.

Next Gwyneth moves onto her skincare and she starts by dry body brushing. Her method is to use a little bit of resistance, so that it is not too soft an exfoliation. She starts at her toes and gently brushes her skin all the way up the body, so it is always towards the heart. This means sweeping upwards and including those hard to tone areas like the arms and stomach. Dry body brushing really helps with circulation and leaves skin healthy and glowing. Following this Gwyneth moves onto the most critical part of her morning routine, which is to start her meditation practise. She follows a transcendental meditation every morning with her husband and they find it is a really nice way to start the day. Meditation releases the mind from thoughts and stress, and it can be really beneficial. Gwyneth believes that creating a meditation practise or a ritual out of something is really important and you are definitely investing in yourself.

Next on Gwyneth’s skin routine is exfoliation and she says that she cannot live without it, as it gives you this incredible smooth finish. Gwyneth likes to use a grainy exfoliator, but at Nakin we prefer a gentle exfoliation with our natural cleansing milk taken off with a damp muslin cloth. You can then use our natural toner to further cleanse and detox. Then after cleansing she applies a face oil like our natural revitalising oil.  Gwyneth does not apply much face oil as she knows a couple of drops work wonders. She likes face oils as it is incredible to know that there are clean non-toxic products that are really efficacious and really worked wonders on your skin. We noticed that she called the face oil a serum, however, at Nakin we have a separate serum which is our award-winning anti-ageing serum.

Gwyneth then moves onto the eyes and sometimes wears an eye pad mask if she has had a late night or has an important meeting. Instead, you could use our natural eye cream that provides an instant boost to the skin around the eyes, which further improves with daily use. She then applies a rich natural moisturiser like our Active Dew Face Cream. With the eye product and moisturiser on Gwyneth uses a gold t-shaped vibrating beauty bar, working upwards and outwards on areas of her face such as the jaw line and cheeks. This nifty little anti-ageing tools can be found on the web for amazing prices, and they are said to activate skin cells to help restore elasticity for a youthful look. Gwyneth certainly does look young for her age so we are tempted to try one as it can improve the effect of skin products.

After all those skin treatments Gwyneth then applies sunscreen to her face. She only uses natural sunscreens and avoids conventional chemical ones, as they can contain a whole host of undesirable ingredients. Gwyneth tends to use a SPF 30 sunscreen as a highlighter, on the areas where the sun naturally falls, like the nose and cheek bones. This is probably the only area that we do not agree with Gwyneth on. We believe in covering the whole face, neck and body with enough natural sunscreen to ensure the UV rays cannot cause skin damage and premature ageing.

Aside from Gwyneth’s skincare routine she also uses make-up. We love her philosophy on beauty, which is to do whatever we want to help us look good as we age. Gwyneth attributes her mum to teaching her that the main thing is to be comfortable in her own skin. She keeps her make-up routine pretty minimal and opts for products that give a lift and a healthy glow. She uses a subtle cream blush/lip colour that can be used on both the cheeks and lips. It has a minimal colour but gives a pick-me-up to her look. She is also a lip balm junkie and likes a natural non-sticky one like our Lip Treatment Balm. Her top tip to give your eyes a fresh wide-eyed look, like you just had a nap look is to use mascara. She loves a buildable one, so it can be subtle when needed.

It has been great to find out all about Gwyneth’s morning skincare routine. Apparently, she has a whole other routine for the evening, which we would love to hear about. We love Gwyneth’s skin regime as it is totally aligned with Nakin’s belief of using beautiful high quality non-toxic products like our Nakin Natural Skincare. Alongside this she is a huge advocate of the benefits of wellness for beauty. This is all about feeding skin from inside out by getting outside, staying hydrated, eating foods high in nutritional content, and exercising the body and mind.

We also love Gwyneth for her attitude to life and champion of all thing’s females. She said that she sets out to challenge social norms around females and encourage us not be ashamed to talk about hard to discuss issues. She believes that women are the most powerful creatures on earth and considers herself thought leaders in that space. Her advice for anyone looking to get into health and wellness is to spend some time on your own sitting quietly, and then connect with yourself to see what you really want, and act and speak from this place.

We hope that you enjoyed our article all about Gwyneth’s morning beauty routine. To find out more about our anti-ageing skincare then take a look on our website. Our face care offers some of the best skincare products and is all made in the UK and cruelty free.

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