Five Steps To Stop Skin Sagging

Five Steps To Stop Skin Sagging

Of the beauty concerns we know about, facial sagging is thought to be one of the hardest to overcome. It’s a natural process, but there’s lots that we can do about it. So, follow our five easy steps and fight gravity for a fresh lifted look.

  1. Give Yourself Regular Face Massages
  2. Do Facial Exercises A Few Times Each Week
  3. Follow A Good Skincare Regime Morning & Evening
  4. Always Protect Skin From The Sun
  5. Eat The Right Foods

Give Yourself Regular Face Massages To Prevent Skin Sagging

Facial massage will stimulate the skin to keep it toned and tight, plus it can be done without a therapist. It’s amazing to know that we can improve and prevent our skin sagging concerns for free, and just by using our hands. The special impact of massage works because instead of just targeting the skin surface, it is able to manipulate the layers of fat and muscle tissue beneath the skin. As we age the fat in our face redistributes itself, but energetic massage combats this to tone the facial muscles and release fat in facial areas that it accumulates in.

Pick a time in your daily routine to spend just 2 minutes on your own personal massage. Maybe just before showering. Massage a cleanser like our natural cleansing milk, or maybe after showering using a conditioning face product like our anti-ageing face oil. Then follow the face exercices below for a fast invigorating, tightening and lifting face massage.

  • Begin by rubbing the product into the palms and apply it to the face and neck. Start by stimulating the lymphatic areas - sweeping the hands in upward movements from the chest and neck to the jaw. Then in the dented areas just above the collar bone, use small circular movements as there are lots of lymph nodes here and it will encourage lymph drainage. Continue on the rest of the neck and underneath the chin.
  • Move to the face and make small circular movements all over the face with the pads of the fingers, paying special attention to any problem areas and the mouth.
  • On the cheeks and jaw area use the knuckles of your hands to press out from the mouth to the jaw area.
  • With flat hands sweep them upwards from the jaw to the hairline, pay special attention to the nasolabial lines, the nose and the forehead.

Lastly massage the finger pads in circular movements around the eye bones. Take care not to be too energetic near the delicate eye area.

This massage really relaxes the face and the lifting benefits make it super anti-ageing. It also flushes out water retention and toxins, for a fresh glowing complexion.

Do Facial Exercises To Prevent Skin Sagging

When we carry out exercise it tends to be on the body, and we know how beneficial it is and how much it sculpts, lifts and tones skin. Exercising the face can have the same dramatic effect. Try the sequence below for a quick and easy routine, just remember to follow it regularly, if possible every day, or a few times a week.

  • Begin by putting two fingers horizontally about 2cm from the outer edge of each eye, then push skin with the fingers out towards the hairline and blink 10 times. Rest and repeat twice more.
  • Place all your fingertips just above the eyebrows, push the skin down while simultaneously lifting up the eyebrows. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat five times.
  • Next for the cheek and mouth area; with the mouth closed blow air into one cheek and then alternative with the other cheek. Repeat 15 times on each cheek.
  • Lastly for the jowls and neck. Put your head back and look up at the ceiling. Then with your mouth closed move your tongue so the tip hits the roof of your mouth. If doing it correctly then you will feel the movement under your chin. Repeat this 30 times.

Follow A Good Skincare Regime To Prevent Skin Sagging

A good skincare regime alone will not transform your face and completely alleviate sagging. However, it will really help to assist. Just the simple routine of cleansing and treating skin morning and evening will stimulate the face and neck, to keep it fresh and revived. At Nakin we have developed our range of natural anti-ageing skincare with high performing plant actives to brighten, tone and tighten skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, soften and condition. Try our cleansing milk and natural toner to awaken the complexion, and repair the face with our powerful anti-ageing serum, and calming face oil. Follow this with the best face creams available for oily skin, and dry skin moisturiser lovers. Add our amazing eye cream to tackle lines, dark circles and puffing and finish with our natural lip balm to soothe even the driest of lips.

Protect Skin From The Sun To Prevent Skin Sagging

Experts have known for many years that damage from the sun is the number one cause of premature skin ageing. This is because the ultraviolet light from the sun damages elastin. When the elastin is damaged it means that skin is not as bouncy, so sagging is noticeable. This is easily avoided by always covering up in the sun and using high quality sun protection. Opt for a natural five star rated sun protection cream that guards against both UVA and UVB rays.

Have The Right Diet To Prevent Skin Sagging

Our diet does not have an obvious connection with skin sagging, but it can play a huge role. Unhealthy foods such as sugar, alcohol and processed carbohydrates can inflame our systems and negatively affect our elastin and collagen; which subsequently causes skin damage. On the reverse side, drinking lots of water and eating nutrient dense fruits, vegetable and nuts means the antioxidants in these foods fight skin damage.

If you have noticed skin facial skin sagging or just want to prevent it happening in the future, then we hope that this article has been of benefit. At Nakin our whole mission is for people to have beautiful skin, whatever their age, and it is achievable. In this article we concentrated on skin sagging in the face because sagging skin in the body is a whole different topic, although the principles are the same. If you would like to find out more about our beauty range which we believe to be the UK’s best skincare products, then please visit us at www.nakinskincare.com Nakin is made in the UK and cruelty free.

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