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Face Moisturiser for Oily Skin that is Dehydrated

Face Moisturiser for Oily Skin that is Dehydrated

Did you know that oily skin can still become dehydrated? Well it can and this can cause confusion over what face products to use, as those with oily skin feel that a hydrating moisturiser will be too much for their skin and cause greasiness and breakouts. The key to helping dehydrated oily skin is to use products with the right sort of hydration such as Nakin’s Matt Formula Face Cream. It contains high quality hydrators that are non-greasy and do not overload skin. So it is free of comedogenic ingredients such as coconut oil and instead contains ingredients like jojoba and argan oil, plus hyaluronic acid. This means that it can hydrate and nourish deep down instead of with surface level oily ingredients.

When it comes to oily and dehydrated skin, finding the right moisturiser can be a challenge. Oily skin needs hydration just like any other skin type, but using the wrong products can make it difficult to achieve balance. That’s why our Matt Formula Face cream is so good for dehydrated oily skin. It leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy and helps to regulate sebum production while also providing ample hydration.

At Nakin we believe in looking after skin with plant ingredients as these work most compatibly with our natural biology. Our skin is delicate and can be affected by so many things and this includes what we put onto it. Our oil production is driven by hormones, stress levels and lifestyle factors so using our natural moisturiser for oilier skin types helps to work in harmony with our skin to destress and balance. So, when choosing a face cream, you should look for one that is natural has been specifically designed for oily or combination skin types, like Nakin’s.

We hope that you can try our Matt Formula face cream, which is just one of our natural moisturisers for the face. It is a lovely moisturiser for skin on the oily side, as well as normal, combination and sensitive skin, but it is still hydrating with high quality hydrators that are not greasy. This is also a night cream as it does not contain SPF and just has ingredients that skin loves in the day and night, plus use our Eye Cream Complex for the area around the eyes.

We also have some excellent natural cleansers, so if you are looking for a cleanser for oilier skin then our Rejuvenating Face Wash is a lovely foaming cleanser that leaves skin really clean without stripping, followed by our Purifying Face Toner. If you like Exfoliating then use our Exfoliating Radiance Tonic at night or as required. Everything can be found here Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Collection | Nakin Skincare and there is a full collection with all you could need in a face routine. Our complete range is cruelty free and made in the UK. It is loved by customers as can be seen by our numerous five star reviews. Find out more about us online at www.nakinskincare.com

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