Face Creams for Thirsty Skin

Face Creams for Thirsty Skin

Face cream moisturisers have a few important benefits for skin. They are hydrating, nourishing and protecting. Of these three key properties hydration is the number one requirement. This is the main job of a face cream. A good one will also nourish skin with antioxidants and protect from the elements, pollution and trans epidermal water loss. Face creams are important whatever your skin type, as oily skin can still get dehydrated, even though it might not be obvious. Face creams hydrate the face to help it stay healthy, smooth and plumped. At Nakin we have gorgeous face creams that hydrate even very thirsty skin, read on to find out more.

At Nakin we have our five-star rated Anti-Ageing Matt Cream for Oily Skin and Anti-Ageing Dew Cream for Dry Skin. They are exceptional moisturisers due to the carefully picked ingredients that they include. A good hydrating product does not come from buying a cream with a high price point, instead it is all about the ingredients that is in the product. At Nakin we use the best modern natural ingredients that skin loves and will sink up beautifully. One of our favourite ingredients to use is hyaluronic acid, which is the best natural skin hydrator and helps to plump skin at the same time. Our creams also include a wealth of other natural ingredients including cassia, pomegranate, seaweed plus an array of plant oils that help to bring thirsty skin back to life.

On the one hand our face moisturisers are quite simply, we keep our formulations quite bare and only use essential ingredients. However, the plant extracts pack a punch when it comes to skin improvement. The natural content is kind to skin and as with all of our products they offer excellent anti-ageing skincare. They are a joy to use and complete saviours when it comes to hydrating thirsty skin. The gorgeous consistency is rich without being thick and pore clogging to skin. They help to bring tired dehydrated skin back to life.

When we think of thirsty skin we tend to think of dry, flaky or rough skin, but even oily skin benefits from hydration. You have probably read or heard that if you strip your skin of oil, it will overcompensate by producing more oil. This is true and hydrating the skin with good products does not cause it to become shinier. Instead hydrating oily and combination skin with the right natural skincare products helps to calm and balance it. So, whether your skin is dry, normal, combination, oily or sensitive - read on to see how our face creams can help. Our face creams have so many benefits as below.

  • Made with the best clean skin loving actives
  • Full of plant goodness
  • Kind to sensitive skin
  • Amazing for bare skin, or as primers under make-up
  • They spread onto the face and neck like silk without any dragging
  • Superbly hydrating but without greasiness
  • Made with a fresh subtle 100% natural fragrance
  • For both day and night use
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan
  • Made in the UK
  • Multi-award winning
  • In eco-friendly containers that are easily recyclable
  • Amazing value at £20 for a 50ml pot

We also recommend using a serum such as our Anti-Ageing Serum. This is really hydrating to skin, as well as helping with a multitude of skin ageing concerns. Whether you wear make-up or prefer bare skin, a hydrated look is so much better. We also recommend cleansing, treating and moisturising the face and neck in both the morning and night for best results.

Tips For Thirsty Skin

One of our biggest tips for thirsty skin is to plan ahead. If you have dry thirsty skin, then try to think ahead to occasions when it might become dry and prepare skin ahead of this. This includes going on flights, hot and cold weather and prepping skin before wearing makeup. Preparing skin with the right products ahead of skin drying events will keep it soft comforted and glowing.

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Nakin offer beautiful face products that are all made in the UK and cruelty free. Find out more about our award-winning range at the links below.

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