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Face Cleansers for Congested Skin

Face Cleansers for Congested Skin

In this feature we are talking about congestion clogged pores and the best cleansers to help with this. Congested skin can show up in different ways but usually as blackheads, whiteheads, spots and blemishes. We also get them in different areas, most of us are more susceptible to congestion on our t-zone but it can be more sporadic and scattered over the face on the cheeks, and sometimes with inflammation. It is also common to have varying degrees of acne. This article is more for congested skin issues as opposed to acne, which might need some specialist advice.

Good hygiene is really important, so it always helps to keep the face, neck and hair clean. At Nakin we have some really easy natural solutions that help to clear skin and reduce congestion. Dislodging dirt and congestion naturally helps to cleanse skin without stripping, which results in more oil production and can also be too aggressive and irritating. Our cleansing duo is the natural cleansing milk and natural face toner which are great used together, but can be used separately.

Good cleansing helps to dissolve dead skin cells which can clog pores. The cleansing milk contains oil so is lipophilic which means that it attracts oil, so will work within the sebum filled pores to clear grime and congestion, while calming inflammation with the kind natural ingredients. If you like washing your face with a water product then you can remove our cleansing milk with a wet cloth, or while in the shower. It can also be removed with a muslin cloth to exfoliate away dead skin cells and leave the surface of the skin fresh and clear. It leaves skin super soft, clear and even repaired with its antioxidant formula.

The toner is naturally antibacterial with its witch hazel blend. As it does not contain harsh detergents it helps to clear skin of microbes and grime, plus to maintain the right balance. The toner is also quite a hydrating one as even oily skin benefits from moisture, it just needs to be the right sort of hydration that is non-greasy. Both products are customer favourites and 5-star rated, take a look online to see what everyone has to say about them.

We recommend steering clear of the conventional ways of treating congested skin, such as face washes and more recently hydroxy acids. We know lots of people love the foaming action of a wash, but these can be stripping to skin, plus the hydroxy acids can cause irritation. If you have congested skin, then it is also important to not use products that are too heavy for your skin. This includes too rich creams and face products that have fatty ingredients like coconut oil. With products like face oils then take care to use ones that are suited to your skin type. Our Anti-Ageing Face Oil is suitable for all skin types as the ingredients are neither too oily nor too drying.

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