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Essential Skincare Product List

Essential Skincare Product List

As a skincare company we are often asked for recommendations on face products from our customers, as well as a list of essentials in a skincare routine. We feel that this comes from a confusion about what to use due to the huge number of face products that some brands have. It is no surprise that many of us are unsure what products we actually need to use in our daily skincare. Some brands have up to a hundred face care products to choose from and it is hard to know where to start and pick the right ones. They might have 10 facial serums in their collection, with one for every skin concern there is. There might be a serum for hydration, one for dark spots, another for sagging areas, an additional one for pore minimising and a separate one for a patchy skin tone. The problem is that most of us have more than one skin concern that we would like to fix, but the thought of buying more than one serum is expensive, time consuming and can overload skin with too many products. Many of the skincare products available are also described with confusing jargon that does not mean a lot to most people. Terms like adipocytes, fibroblasts, hydrolipidic and biomimetic just blind us with scientific terms when really, we want to know what a skincare product contains and how it will improve our skin.

At Nakin we keep our range lean and simple, so there is less confusion on which product is the best one to use for your skincare requirement or concern. Our range is further simplified by the use of plant extracts in the ingredients that work with all skin types to bring harmony and calm to skin. All of our products are also multi-functional, so they help with multiple skin concerns at the same time.

Here we have listed the essential skincare products that we believe we should all use in order to keep our skin beautifully clean, clear, hydrated, nourished and glowing. Keeping skincare down to the essentials also means that our face, neck and eye area are not overloaded with too many products, which could cause congestion and weigh skin down.

  • Our Advanced Cleansing Milk has all the essential requirements for a lovely cleansing milk to clean, clear, comfort and hydrate skin.
  • Next is our Purifying Face Toner which finishes the cleansing process and prepares skin for facial treatments in the next steps.
  • The Performance Face Serum is an essential treatment that everyone will love. As with all our products it is multi-functioning; working on many of the repairing skin concerns that we expect from a good serum, including hydration and lines.
  • Everyone should own our Revitalising Face Oil which is for every skin type, even oily skin. Face oils are amazing for everyone as they are so kind and nourishing.
  • Our Eye Cream Complex is a real treat for the eyes with the gorgeous springy gel like formula that brings the skin around the eyes back to life.
  • A moisturiser is one essential that we all have on our dressing table or bathroom cabinet. The Matt Formula Face Cream is for oily, normal, combination and sensitive skin and for skin on the dry side the Active Dew Face Cream is more hydrating.
  • Last on our list of essentials is our Lip Treatment Balm as most of us suffer with dry and flaky lips at some point. It is a basic requirement for every dressing table and handbag.

We hope that you found our article helpful listing the skincare essentials. Skincare need not be confusing, and we recommend steering clear of complex products and instead using simpler and purer natural skincare products like Nakin’s. Our anti-ageing skincare is all made to be multi-purpose by using special blends of the best plant extracts.

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