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Easy Ways to Younger Looking Skin

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Easy Ways to Younger Looking Skin

At Nakin we absolutely love skin care, and we believe in its fabulous benefits to help keep us looking youthful. That’s why we created Nakin Anti-Ageing Skincare, filled with finest natural plant actives; proven to benefit skin, and keeping it as youthful as possible. As well as our beauty regimes, there are many easy lifestyle changes that we can do to keep us looking and feeling as best we can. We tend to concentrate on keeping our faces young, but our face, body and mind are all linked and work together holistically. That’s why when we are stressed for example, we often have problems with our skin. A healthy body, and healthy mind are key to looking and feeling amazing from top to toe, inside and out. Read our top ten things, that will help to achieve a youthful glow.

Easy Ways to Younger Looking Skin

  1. Surround yourself with plants and nature. This easy to do pursuit is so good for us, but it is often forgotten, and that’s why we have it at the top of our list - as stress plays havoc with our health and looks. Research by the University of Minnesota found that the result of being in a natural environment, or looking at a nature scene means that there is a reduction in feelings of anger, stress and fear, and instead we just feel better. It’s not a new concept and it is why forest bathing is so big in Japan. Being in nature reduces our blood pressure, stress response, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones. Research carried out in hospitals, offices, and schools has found that even a simple plant in a room can have a significant impact on stress and anxiety.
  2. Get some sunshine. The sun has taking a lot of criticism in recent years, especially for its proven links to skin cancer, and also as it causes premature skin ageing. But it’s also life giving and mood enhancing, which is why we love it. Vitamin D is essential to our physical and mental health. We have all noticed how much happier and proactive we feel when it is sunny. Well there is a good reason for this, and Healthline sum it up nicely; as exposure to sunshine is thought to trigger Serotonin release, an important hormone responsible for keeping us feeling great. Of course always apply suncream when required.
  3. Take some time each day just for yourself, and do something you love. It might be to have lunch with friends, read a book, have a long bath, or watch your favourite TV show. Whatever it is take some time to chill out as it’s super good for us, so no need to feel guilty – just chill and enjoy. The Huffington Post cite taking time to relax as being important to heart health, that it keeps us slimmer as we are less prone to comfort eating, and even makes us less likely to catch a cold.
  4. Be grateful and happy with whatever you have. Life does not always go well, and everyone has problems, but things could always be worse. We have been recently inspired by seeing Chris Moon on the Lorraine Kelly show. He had been helping to clear land mines in Mozambique when he stepped on one, resulting in the loss of his right hand and right leg. However, when he wakes each day he is grateful for the limbs that he does have and runs marathons regularly, plus he has helped to make Mozambique land mine free.
  5. Do less each day. There is only a certain number of hours in a day, and it is easy to cram them full of things. So instead focus on achieving a smaller amount of tasks in a day, and accept that 24hours goes by very quickly. Be happy and proud of yourself with the achievements that you make each day.
  6. Improve our diets. Similar to sunshine and vitamin D, there are many other vitamins and minerals that are essential for us to be in peak health. When we feel healthy, we also look great, and have energy to enjoy life to the fullest and achieve our goals. As well as this these nutrients are very important to skin health, they help to repair, strengthen and condition skin. So eat a diet rich in especially vegetables and fruits, and aim for a variety of colours, as the different coloured produce have different nutrient benefits. Try to keep the rest of your diet balanced with the other essential food groups, as well as reducing sugar and alcohol.
  7. Keep active. We all know that being active has many health benefits, it keeps our systems functioning well, and helps our waistlines to stay trim. But it does not have to involve intensive exercise, such as running and military fitness. There are lots of gentler programmes that are also really good for us, and enjoyable too. Try walking, yoga, pilates, cycling or swimming. They keep our systems energised and flexible, and exercise is also great for our mental health. Some activity is better than none, and it can be as little as 15 minutes a day. Remember not to overdo it, and seek medical advice for a new fitness regime.
  8. Laugh lots. It’s easy to take life too seriously sometimes, and get weighed down by small things. We could benefit from lightening up when we can, and seeing the funny side. Take some time to do fun things with your favourite people, or watch a comedian show on television, or a funny movie. The Mayo Clinic state that laughter releases tension, improves our mood, and even contributes to a healthier immune system.
  9. Wake up early. If we were able to get to bed early, then it makes it easier to get up early, and this can have many benefits for us. Forbes note research showing early risers have better exam results, and are more proactive and optimistic than those that go to bed later. The reason we love getting up early at Nakin is because it’s a small amount of time to ourselves, it means that we can get ahead of ourselves without rushing, which makes an all together less stressful day. There’s also nothing like hearing the birds sing and watching the sun rise, to put us in a good mood.
  10. Go to bed early. If we were up early then it makes it easier to go to bed early, and going to be early is good for us. Getting good sleep is the time we relax, heal and repair - and this includes helping our skin. Glamour magazine state everything from heart health to weight loss as the benefits of an early night. Try to plan sleep into the day, as you would any important event.

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