Easy Way to Know Your Skin Type

Easy Way to Know Your Skin Type

It is always handy to have an idea of our skin type, to make sure that we are using the right products and are looking after your skin in the best way. At Nakin most of our natural anti-ageing products are actually made for all skin types, as we use high quality plant ingredients that all skin types love. But it is still good to know your skin type as it will affect how you look after your skin. If your skin is oily then you will probably want to focus a lot on cleansing, if your skin is dry then treatments and hydration will be a big part of your routine. If your skin is sensitive, then you will want to take extra care of what you put on your skin and the way that you cleanse your face. Whatever your skin type we recommend using our natural skincare, as plant-based skincare works in harmony with our natural biology.

It can be hard to know our skin type, so we have outlined a quick way to find out the answer. If your skin can get quite greasy with a shine then you are probably an oily skin type, or if your skin can get flaky or tight then you are probably more of a dry skin type. If you have both then you are most likely combination, which often shows up as an oily t-zone area of the face and drier skin on the cheeks and neck. If your skin always seems to be good and does not show any concerns, then you might have a normal skin type. If your skin gets easily irritated, then you are most likely a sensitive skin type.

The above is just a guide to use as an easy way to know your skin type. In reality many of us are a combination of more than one skin type. Our skin type can also seem to change depending on factors such as our hormones and the weather. These factors are unlikely to completely change our skin type, but instead might bring out a side to our skin that we do not see that often. For most of us our age will also play a big part in our skin type, and tends to be oilier when we are younger, and get drier as we get older.

Whatever your skin type we hope that you can take a look at Nakin’s range of products which has everything needed in a face care routine. It is loved by customers of all skin types and offers high quality natural skincare that is made in the UK. It is also cruelty free and is mostly vegan. Find out more about us below.

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