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Easy Makeup Look

Easy Makeup Look

At Nakin we like to look our best with minimal effort, so we have outlined an easy make-up look to follow. We actually prefer a kind of no make-up make up look and to let our natural beauty shine through. We know life is busy, so the nice thing about this look is that it’s really simple and can be completed in under 10 minutes for a fresh vibrant look. This makeup is suitable for most occasions and is the perfect go-to daytime look. We have not advised on any brands as we do not have a make-up brand that we partner with, and are not at present researched enough to be able advise what we feel are the very best make-up products to apply to your skin.

At Nakin we produce Award Winning Natural Skincare and our biggest tip for any make-up look is to have good skin, as this creates a beautiful glow and minimises the need for make-up. Follow our easy make-up steps below for a fast & gorgeous look.

  • Start by preparing skin properly, as good skin is the best companion to every make-up look. Begin with our Advanced Cleansing Milk to gently cleanse and nourish skin, plus follow with our Purifying Face Toner to clear skin thoroughly. Then apply our Performance Face Serum to sort our skin concerns like lines, dullness and sun damage. On the eyes apply our Eye Cream Complex to revive skin, dark circles, lines and puffiness. Then follow with one of our face creams. Our Matt Formula Face Cream is more for oilier skin types or works well under richer foundations. The Active Dew Face Cream is richer and more dewy, so suited to drier skin. There is no need for a primer as now skin has a beautiful fresh smooth base to apply make-up onto.
  • Begin by covering any areas that need it with concealer. This will probably be under the eyes, around the nose, the chin and near the laughter lines. Once applied blend this in. Then follow with a tinted moisturiser, BB cream, CC cream or foundation and blend this out with a brush or beauty sponge, for a really natural look.
  • Use a bronzer to bring some colour back to the face and warm it up. Apply to either side of the face as if you are drawing a number 3 on the face. Start at the middle top of the forehead, bring it down to under the cheek bones and then back to the ear and then along the jawbone. Once applied blend it in nicely.  It's like a very subtle contour. This will warm up plus define the complexion and help to give a glow.
  • Next is blusher using a powder or cream. To apply simple smile and pop it onto the centre of the cheeks and blend upwards towards the top part of the ear. The aim is to have a gentle flush on the cheeks, as if you have just run up the stairs. If you have foundation on then a cream blush can be a lovely one to give skin a healthy sheen.
  • Then highlight the face with an illuminator – use just a little along the cheekbones up to the temples, as well as along the top of the nose and a dab on the cupid’s bow.
  • Next move onto the eyebrows and just apply a tiny amount of our Revitalising Face Oil and comb the brows through with a spoolie eyebrow brush. It’s a natural look just to neaten them up and provide a bit of life to them.
  • Let's move onto eyes and in this easy make-up look we suggest missing out eyeliner liquid or pencil, unless you are a real pro at them. The reason being if that there is a lot of room for error using a make-up eye liquid or pencil and it can be quite a harsh look. They are amazing, but this look is all about ease and simplicity. So instead begin by waking eyes up a bit with a brush of bronzer over them. Then find a nice dark eye shadow colour like a brown or grey to define the eye shape. Brown or grey can be much softer and more natural looking than a black. Use a thin angled brush and apply it along the top lash line, and then a small soft brush to sweep along the bottom lash line. The nice thing about this is that as it is a dry powder you do not need to be too precise with it. It’s just gives very soft definition to the eyes, kind of like a subtle smoky eye.
  • Next sweep mascara onto the top and bottom lashes and give the lashes a really good coating to get some nice length and volume on them. If you find that black is too harsh then try a brown or brown/black colour.
  • Finish the look with our 100% Natural Lip Treatment Balm which is amazing for hydrating, plumping and conditioning lips and gives a subtle glossy look. If you like a bit of colour then you can always mix it with lipstick, or lip liner.  

Make-up, when applied thoughtfully, can accentuate our natural beauty by highlighting our best features and subtly enhancing them. It's not about concealing or transforming; rather, it's about enhancing the natural contours of the face, bringing a glow to the complexion, and drawing attention to the eyes or lips. For instance, a touch of mascara can make the eyes appear larger and more expressive, while a sweep of blush can mimic a natural flush, giving the skin a healthy radiance. With the right techniques, make-up can be an empowering tool, allowing individuals to present themselves in a way that boosts confidence and reinforces natural beauty.

We hope that you love our easy make-up look that really freshens and brightens the complexion for a great anti-ageing look. To find out more about Nakin and our full anti-ageing face care collection then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com At Nakin we believe in having beautiful skin at every age. Our award-winning skincare is natural, cruelty free and made in the UK.

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