Does Derma Rolling Work?

Does Derma Rolling Work?

Over the last few years, we could not fail to see the rise of derma rolling, and every time we hear about it, we always wonder more about it. So, we wanted to investigate if derma rolling actually works as an anti-ageing device. At Nakin we dedicate our work to producing amazing anti-ageing skincare. We must be honest though and say that we were too scared to try it ourselves, so our information has come from beauty experts who have tried derma rolling for significant periods of time.

Before you begin derma rolling take care to ensure that it is made from components that are suitable for your skin. We have heard of some rollers being made of nickel, which is a metal that it is quite common to be allergic to. We must also say that we have heard of some serious side effects, such as skin irritation, itching, redness and inflammation, plus as it is invasive it can cause infection and even scarring. If you are using one then it is important to use it properly, so take care to read and follow the instructions carefully. 

If you are considering derma rolling then please carry out lots of research to find the right product, and be completely sure that it is the right treatment for you.

At Nakin we believe in beautifying the skin with plant extracts in natural skincare. We know that derma rolling does not involve using any chemicals on skin, however, it does require invasive methods of rolling fine needles on the face, so it is not something that we can be sure about using. Please note that in this article we are not advocating the use of derma rolling and we are quite cautious of it. This is because we know that it can cause redness and irritation to skin or worse, which we never believe is a good thing. We know that many people love it and swear by it, so if you love derma rolling and it works for you then we are not trying to advise against it. Although it is not recommended for anyone with sensitive skin, or skin conditions such as eczema. We just wanted to find out more about it and share some of our findings for those that are thinking about it. Instead of carrying out derma rolling on ourselves, we did a lot of research on beauty experts and bloggers that have used it to find out their opinion.

Derma rolling involves a small hand-held roller that is covered in many tiny needles which are rolled over the face. Each device will have its own instructions that need to be followed and different size needles have different benefits for skin. The general aim of derma rolling is to increase collagen synthesis, to heal scars, large pores and to aid skin toning. It can also help face products to perform better on skin as they are more easily absorbed.

When we were researching if derma rolling works, we found a great feature by a lovely influencer called hot and flashy, where a derma roller was tested on the back of one of her hands for 11 months. This is interesting as the skin on hands generally shows its age more than other areas and it makes it extremely easy to compare the hand treated with the derma rolling to the one with no treatment.

During the 11 months of use the derma rolling instructions were followed and the device was used regularly. The tester did stop using it for short periods, but only when her hand became too irritated. The end results were that the hand treated to 11 months of derma rolling did show improvements, this was in the way that it looked at the end of the experiment. There was no change to things like the visibility of veins, as you would expect. However, there was a difference to the lines with the skin looking slightly less crepey. The tester definitely saw a small change, but it was not a huge change that took years off. She also commented that it was not an enjoyable experience, as using the derma roller was quite sore on skin and left it irritated, so she was quite pleased to end the experience. That said she felt that it is an inexpensive anti-ageing tool, that did show some benefits.

It was great to find this experiment which we felt was an honest review, over a long period. Of course, it was not in a clinical scientific setting. We did see lots of before and after shots of derma rolling, but some of the images did not look a great comparison, with different lighting on the before and after shot. It is also hard to know if any other treatment was being used at the same time as the derma rolling. Plus our skin can change with other improvements such as diet, exercise and even look better at different times of the year.

We hope that you found this feature helpful. To find out more about Nakin and our natural anti-ageing skincare then visit us at www.nakinskincare.com The full range is made in the UK and cruelty free. It includes everything that you need for a face care regime with the products below.

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