Do Skincare Products Expire if Not Opened?

Do Skincare Products Expire if Not Opened?

When skincare products are purchased we need to bear in mind that they have a shelf life, especially if they are natural face products like Nakin’s. It is similar to food which also all has an expiry date, and again the natural products tend to have a shorter shelf life than processed foods such as tins. But many of us wonder if skincare products can still expire if never opened, and the answer is yes.

Skincare products have a shelf-life, and the expiration date can usually be found on the packaging. While unopened skincare products may last longer than opened ones, they do eventually expire even if not used. Generally speaking, most skin care products are fine for 2-3 years after production depending on the ingredients used and how they are stored. But each product needs to be individually checked to be sure.

It is important to keep track of when you open skin care products as well, since their active ingredients will start to break down once exposed to air or light. Expiration dates provide a guideline for best usage and it is best to use skin care products before or around the time listed on their package, in order to get maximum benefit from them. However, if a product has been stored properly and not opened it can be fine up to the expiration date.

Due to the potential for bacteria growth, it is not advisable to use skincare products that are expired since this could cause irritation or other skin reactions. Always check the expiration dates on your skincare products before using them and make sure they have been safely stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping track of when you open products will ensure that you get the most out of each one before they expire.

Ultimately, while unopened skincare products may last longer than opened ones, it is important to be aware of when these items were purchased and opened in order to ensure they are still safe to use. If you are ever unsure, it is best to err on the side of caution and discard any products that may have expired or are nearing their expiration date.

Once a product has been used then always check the period after opening timeline, which is shown by the jar symbol and is usually 6 months for creams and 12 months for gels. However, some beauty products with the jar symbol do not always have an expiration date. This is because the legal requirement is to only have an expiry date when a product will last for longer than 30 months from manufacture. It sounds like a long time, but actually it can go very quickly. This is because the 30 months starts from the date of production, but it may take a product some time to work its way through the supply line before it actually gets to the customer user. So, when you receive a skincare product it could well already be one to two years old and may have not have much of an expiry date left. Where an expiry date is not present it is important to remember when it was purchased, to make sure that it is finished in time. Our advice is to always try to use products fairly soon after purchasing them, and this way you can be more sure that it is safe to use. We also always recommend purchasing from reputable retailers, such as the brand itself, or a respected and authorised seller of the products.

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