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Do Probiotics Help to Improve Skin?

Do Probiotics Help to Improve Skin?

We are now starting to really understand how our gut health is linked to our overall health, including our brain function and how our skin looks. So, to answer the question ‘do probiotics improve skin’? the answer is a definite yes. Of course, it will depend on the actual probiotic used and the health of your gut before taking them. But for most of us using a good probiotic will improve the way that our skin looks and feels.

There is so much that we can do to help improve our skin health and using great natural skincare like ours is a great way to keep skin looking clear and fresh. But skincare alone cannot do an amazing job if we are not healthy on the insides. We need a healthy diet which in turn improves the flora and fauna of our gut with good bacteria. These good bacteria help our systems with many processes, including nutrient absorption and utilisation, which in turn benefits our overall health and that of our skin. They help to feed our skin from the inside, which helps to give us great skin when we also support this with topical nutrition from our natural anti-ageing face products.

Some people chose to take probiotic supplements and if you are considering this then it is best to consult with a professional beforehand. You can also improve your gut flora with a good diet. Things such as eating 30 different fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds a week is one way to do this, as well as eating fermented foods and kefir. This is thought to be hugely beneficial to our overall health and the way our skin looks. The National Library of Medicine confirm the beauty benefits in a paper which explains that studies have demonstrated that intestinal microbiota homeostasis can influence skin health. It is known as the gut to skin axis and influences skin health. Improving skin health through probiotic interventions is becoming more common to regulate skin health using ecological methods. Probiotics are used as potential management tools to improve skin diseases in multiple ways, including decreasing oxidative stress, suppressing inflammatory responses, and immune benefits. 

Another benefit of probiotics is an increase in energy, which will inevitably result in us putting more time into self-care by being more active and taking time with things such as our skincare routine, which will also help the way that our skin looks.

We hope that you have found this feature helpful, and you can find more information and advice on our website, along with the rest of our range.

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